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   Chapter 3093 Turn An Enemy Into A Friend

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In the blink of an eye, three long swords were in front of them. Three old men with white hair jumped out from each of the swords and stood in front of everyone.

"Superior elders, greetings!"

Immediately, all the members of the Emerald Sect bowed and knelt down in front of the three old men showing their utmost respect, except for Austin who stood straight while facing them, with his hands clasped behind him, a faint but confident smile appearing on his face.

The three great elders focused their attention on Austin at once.

"What just happened?"

one of the superior elders asked with a frown.

An ordinary elder immediately stepped forward and reported what had just happened to the three superior elders.

"What? Is that true? Hmmm, this is weird!"

None of the three elders could believe it.

"Where is our leader, then?"

one of the superior elders asked, with a confused look on his face.

"Our leader is practicing the divine swordsmanship right now.

There will be a nationwide Martial Arts Meeting held in the Karakoram Mountain next month.

He surmised that all the sects will probably compete in swordsmanship, so he needed to practice and perfect his sword skills as an advanced preparation,"

one of the elders replied.

"Well, that makes sense."

The three superior elders nodded.

Austin's spiritual sense was so sensitive that even though the elder kept his voice down, Austin could hear every spoken word clearly.

'Hmm... the Martial Arts Meeting... I never thought of that, '

Austin reflected.

"Young man, who the hell are you? What is the enmity between you and our Emerald Sect? Identify yourself."

After figuring out what was going on, the three superior elders focused their attention on Austin and stared at him with sharp eyes.

"No enmity between us. I've already told you. I just wanted to come in and have a look, out of curiosity,"

Austin answered with a smile.

"What? That's it? How dare you!

For such a simple reason, you dare to break in and cause a huge disturbance in our sect!

Brat, do you think that our sect deserved this kind of disrespect?"

The three superior elders were furious.

"Brat, let me see how strong you are. What gave you the right to break into our sect alone and without permission? This is disrespectful and unacceptable!"

one of the elders snapped. Just then, without any warning, he moved incredibly fast and lunged at Austin with the sword in his hand.


The sword in the elder's hand ignited into a terrifying flame, exploding a ball

one another in reality. Some cultivators' spiritual senses were stronger, while some were weaker.

The three elders were relatively strong as they could use their spiritual sense to communicate with each other.

Finally, the three elders came to an agreement that they would make friends with Austin!

"Well, my friend, we seem to have gotten off on the wrong foot. What happened earlier was due to a misunderstanding. Let's start over, shall we?

With your strength, you are quite qualified to be the guest of our Emerald Sect.

Now that you want to visit our headquarters, let the three of us be your guides. We are more than happy to show you around."

"That's right. Please accept our apologies.

I'm actually impressed by your skills and your calm attitude. I dare say you surely look more like a superior elder than the three of us."

"Someone, prepare the best spiritual tea and the best spiritual fruit for our friend and welcome him to our sect!"

Before Austin could react, the three elders had already surrounded him with enthusiasm. Their enthusiasm and flattery almost made Austin have goose bumps all over.

'These three old guys! They changed their attitudes so fast!'

Austin was speechless.

But Austin couldn't be rude when they were being polite to him. Now that they were treating him nicely, he should at least be civil and squeeze a smile instead of getting angry.

As Austin had anticipated, the three elders led him around and visited all the places at the headquarters of the Emerald Sect.

'Hmm? That temple? Seems to be quite special!'

On top of a mountain, Austin spotted a dark, old temple. Startled, he paused as his eyes fixed on it. His faced changed.

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