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   Chapter 3092 The Sword-manipulating Skill

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Several old men were running faster than everyone else despite their age. In fact, they reached the old Taoist almost simultaneously.

With the aid of his spiritual sense, Austin discovered that the cultivation base of these elders ranged from the preliminary to the premium stages of Earth Realm. At the same time, he could also tell that they were stronger than most masters of their level.

Apart from these elders, a myriad of other people were also running towards the old Taoist as fast as they could. Dust flew into the air behind them, and the sound of their footsteps could be heard clearly despite the lively atmosphere.

Everyone at the headquarters of the Emerald Sect was panicking due to Austin's sudden invasion.

"Elder Calvin, what is going on? What happened? "

one of the elders asked.

The old Taoist pointed at Austin and briefly filled them in on what was going on.

"What the hell? Elder Calvin, do you mean to say that this brat's strength is so much that he has sent us into chaos?!

How is it possible that he can be stronger than our sect leader?"

These elders were senior members of the Emerald Sect and they were unable to believe Elder Calvin's story.

After all, their sect was one of the most powerful sects in the Brilliant Kingdom and was as famous as the Heavenly Mountain Sect. For one man to be stronger than their entire sect was almost impossible.

Unlike the Heavenly Mountain Sect, the members of Emerald Sect were low-key, but it did not mean that they were any less powerful.

The leader of the Emerald Sect was a senior expert, and he knew plenty of brilliant types of skills. He could be one of the top six cultivators in the martial arts world of the Brilliant Kingdom.

However, even after careful inspection and study of that young man, the elders could not sense any energy waves emanating from him. They were not even sure if he had learned martial arts at all.

'This young man is more powerful than our remarkable leader? You've gotta be kidding, ' the elders thought.

"Elder Calvin, what the hell are you talking about? Are you kidding us? Don't tell us you knocked the bell forty nine times because of this brat?

Are you really sure that he is more powerful than our elder?"

one of the elders shouted at Elder Calvin in a displeased tone.

The others were equally angry. "Elder Calvin, you've been too rash. Only when our sect is in the most terrible danger are we supposed to ring the bell forty nine times. That way, we can differentiate between real and fake emergencies.

Why the hell did you do that for this little guy? You are in trouble now, Elder Calvin!"

They shook their heads, feeling that their colleague h

y shook his body, and our elders were blown away!"

The disciples of Emerald Sect who witnessed the scene were thunderstruck. They felt a chill rush down their spine.

'This is insane. Our solemn respected elders have lost to this brat in the mere blink of an eye?' they thought, gaping at Austin.

Far away from the battleground, the elders hit down hard against the ground. It took them quite a while to lift themselves up. They narrowed their eyes at Austin. Their faces were deathly pale now. They had now become fully aware of the fact that this young man was far stronger than all of them together and there was no point fighting him.

After a while, one of the elders raised his hand. A flame materialized and flew into the air, exploding midway in its path.

Austin immediately understood that this was a method of calling for backup.

'I bet the best cultivators of the Emerald Sect will show up soon, ' he speculated.

Very soon, his suspicions were confirmed.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Three beams of sword radiance shot up from the peak of a towering mountain in the distance, which was located in the depths of this mountain range. The radiance lit up half of the sky.

"They can fly up into the air by taking advantage of their swords' powers!"

Austin's eyes lit up as he looked at the three beams of light.

The three beams of white light were three white-haired old men, each standing on a sword. They were now on their way towards Austin.

Austin immediately saw that they were at the Mysterious Realm.

Cultivators at the Mysterious Realm shouldn't be able to fly in the air.

However, the three elders were practicing some unknown sword-manipulating skill which had enabled them to fly with their swords.

Austin marveled at the skill that they had perfected.

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