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   Chapter 3091 The Emerald Sect (Part Two)

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He waved Austin away. "What are you saying? You can't do that. I'm sorry, young man, but as I said before, this is a private place. No outsiders allowed!"

"What nonsense," Austin said cheekily. "One would expect a great sect like yours to welcome anyone.

Besides, Mount Emerald itself is considered a public spot in this kingdom, open for anyone to come and go and look around as they please. Would you care to tell me since when, then, has it become a private property of your sect?"

The old man looked taken aback at Austin's gall, and before he could say anything in reply, Austin had already taken a few steps forward, towards the temples up ahead. "Stop where you are, young man!" the Taoist priest huffed. "How dare you be so rude? We won't tolerate your insolence!"

Austin paid him no mind and kept trudging forward.

It only served to fuel the priest's fury, and the old man reached out with both hands to make a grab at Austin.

His action was accompanied by a terrible force that stopped Austin in his tracks before the priest could even touch him.

In a split second, Austin was able to surmise that the old Taoist priest was a cultivator at the preliminary stage of the Earth Realm; that is, the Expert Realm as people in the Brilliant Kingdom called it.

There was no way for Austin to let this old man stop him, much less touch him.

With Omnipotent Lightness, he swerved from where he was standing, and was instantly dozens of steps away from the priest.

The old man grew more irritated by the second.

"You brat!" he shouted, shaking a fist. "You didn't fool me for a second! I knew the second I laid eyes on you that you are by no means a tourist!"

He lunged at the young man with an outstretched hand.


st mean he has bad intentions.' After mulling it over, the priest rushed over to a nearby mountain.

'Oh, are you going to alert the others and call for help?' Austin thought to himself with an amused smile. His spiritual sense was still activated and keeping stock of his environment.

He carried on with his exploration without a care. Earlier, he had shown mercy to the Taoist priest because he had no enmity with the Emerald Sect anyway. Austin was not one to kill or harm others without reason.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

A bell rang out forty-nine times. Austin trudged on.

Unbeknownst to him, the villagers of this headquarters were scrambling to answer to the alarm.

People from the lowest disciples, to the sect leader, and even the superior leaders who were cultivating in seclusion all year around, all left what they were doing to pay heed to the emergency call.

Forty-nine tolls meant that a severe event in history was taking place, and it even concerned the fate and survival of their sect.

The entire place was in an uproar, and soon people were flooding into the spot where Austin and the old Taoist priest had last faced each other.

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