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   Chapter 3090 The Emerald Sect (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5963

Updated: 2020-05-23 00:12

Austin had gone very far with his aspirations on earth exploration, and recently he was spending most of his time studying the ancient books about geography and geomancy. One of the fruits of his labors was a thorough knowledge of all the famous mountains and the natural vessel of dragon energy underneath in Brilliant Kingdom.

He learned that Mount Wey and Mount Hymn, two of the legendary thirty-six sacred places in this land, were polluted by an evil force. He then developed a curiosity as to whether the rest of the sacred places were corrupted as well, be it public knowledge or otherwise. With the intent to satisfy his questions, he decided to set out and claim the answers himself.

He first traveled in the direction of the Heavenly Mountain, but on the way he stumbled upon another sacred place, Mount Emerald. It was also considered as one of the five greatest peaks in the Brilliant Kingdom, and was quite a famous spot in the country.

Austin trudged along the mountain, grumbling when the paths got too steep and exclaiming at the scenery he would come across every so often. A heavy mist hung over the mountain, and near its peak, tufts of clouds were floating alongside the tallest branches of the highest trees.

'It's so nice and quiet here. No wonder this mountain is popular among the people!'

As he went deeper, Austin discovered the spiritual energy was purer in the heart of the mountain than anywhere else he had visited in Earth.

He also found out that the natural laws were more advanced and systematic up there.

As he carried on with his exploration, he began to sense the presence of a rather mysterious aura.

'What might that be? Is it possible that a divine god had lived here in the past?'

The aura felt sacred and had a terrifying

a voice from behind him broke through his reverie.

"Who are you?" A Taoist priest stood a few feet away from him, and he was eyeing Austin up and down with suspicion.

"Oh, I'm a tourist and I got lost!" Austin's reply was instant and smooth. "I'm not really sure how I got here! Greetings, good sir, may you tell me where I am now, exactly?"

"A tourist, you say?" The suspicion did not leave the eyes of the Taoist priest, as he weighed the word on his tongue, obviously doubting Austin's answer. "I'm afraid you need to leave. This place belongs to the Emerald Sect. No visitors are allowed here."

"The Emerald Sect?" Austin's good fortune just kept on surprising him at the most unexpected times. He may have broken into the sect's headquarters by accident, but it certainly was according to his true intentions.

"I've heard of the Emerald Sect ever since I was a little boy. It's one of the leading sects in our country, isn't it? Since I'm already here, I would love to pay a visit and offer my respects. May I?"

He offered a little bow to the priest in an effort to sway the old man.

It had no effect, however, as the priest's face only darkened with displeasure.

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