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   Chapter 3089 The Cave In Mount Hymn

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After he arrived at the Peace County, Austin put away the Space Ship and went back to his home.

As he had expected, there was a large crowd standing in the front yard. Some of them were aggressive and had sharp auras.

At the same time, he saw a sea of blood and chopped up body parts scattered all over the gate of his house.

It seemed like dozens of people had died there.

Before Austin left, he had set up several killing arrays in the house. Anyone who barged in it with malicious intent would be instantly killed.

Of course, Austin had warned the landlady and her husband. He told them not to enter the house for their protection.

Austin had given them divine pills so they could regain their youth. Now that they were in their middle-ages, they were overjoyed and heeded to his every word.

"Are you looking for me?"

Austin smiled faintly as he landed in his front yard.

Everyone was dead silent.

"Are you Austin?"

an old man shouted while he glared at Austin furiously.

"Why, yes! I am Austin."

Austin smiled wryly with his hands behind his back.

"Ha-ha, it's him! I knew he'd be home any minute!"

The old man was overjoyed. A bunch of people with long swords suddenly swarmed up and surrounded Austin.

All of them were members of the Heavenly Mountain Sect, and came to Peace County to look for Austin. They wanted to break into the house to check if Austin was inside.

However, they were shocked to see almost 30 people die in the blink of an eye when they tried to break in his house.

Even an elder's arm was cut off on the spot. If he hadn't reacted quickly, he would have been slashed in half.

Just as the people of the Heavenly Mountain Sect were at a loss, Austin suddenly came back.

"All of you are from the Heavenly Mountain Sect, right?"

Austin asked with a straight face.

"Yes, we are.

Where are Elder Jayden and Skylar?"

asked the old man loudly.

The leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect had sent the group of people as reinforcements to Elder Jayden and Skylar.

However, when they arrived, they couldn't find them.

"Oh, I killed them. Along with your other members, and the people of the Xu Clan from the southwest,"

Austin replied calmly.

"That's impossible. Elder Jayden has grasped the Divine Radiance Skill, and our other elder has mastered our sect's unique skill, the Heavenly Mountain Flying Swordsmanship. Even Skylar, a first-class expert, has extraordinary fighting power.

You are only a junior. How could you possibly kill them all by yourself?"

The old man did not believe Austin's words at all.

l the dead bodies to ashes.

Then, Austin went all the way to the west.

After a few days, when he entered the vicinity of Mount Hymn, he saw a huge mountain range emerging from the distance.

"It's Mount Hymn!" he exclaimed.

Austin immediately used the bodily movement skill and flew towards the mount.

The first thing he did after entering the mountain was to go deep into the underground and check the earth energy distribution of the area.

As a result, Austin found six giant earth dragons. The longest one even spread over a hundred thousand miles!

To Austin's astonishment, the six earth dragons were tightly suppressed under the ground, and could not move an inch.

Those earth dragons had bloomed the fairy lights, looking quite holy and majestic.

However, they as well as the depths of the area under the mountain were occupied by dark evil auras.

The same situation happened at Mount Wey as well.

"Mount Wey and Mount Hymn are both supposed to be holy lands of blessing. How could this happen?"

Austin frowned as he stood in front of one of the huge earth dragons.

"I wonder if the other places were also infiltrated,"

Austin murmured.

According to Taoism, there were 36 sacred places and 72 holy lands on the Earth.

Because of the tremendous amount of earth essence and its rich spiritual energy, these places were the most suitable areas for warriors to cultivate.

However, two of the sacredplaces had been eroded by terrible evil auras.

'Is this the reason why the cultivator civilization on Earth has been declining?'

Austin thought.

Of course, this idea sounded quite unrealistic.

Nevertheless, Austin decided to conduct a thorough investigation to test his hypothesis.

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