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   Chapter 3086 A Weird Sect (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5715

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In the depths of the cave was hidden a huge underground palace, surrounded by thick clusters of demonic aura and emitting a fierce intent that sent those of a meek heart scuttling away. The aura was so thick that a simple swing of the hand made an entire vortex.

After traversing through a long tunnel, Austin finally arrived in the deepest part of the underground palace; here the demonic aura was thicker than any other places he had passed on the way. And to add to the mystery and supernatural feel of the place, a weird bright red light shrouded the whole space.

Whilst walking in the midst of such a thick demonic aura, Austin felt like he was a fish swimming in a deep and dense sea. He was completely wrapped by the flowing demonic aura around him and seeing anything around him was really hard.

The same unknown demonic aura was also inserting amounts of fear into his heart constantly.

In addition to that, this palace was also full of a terrifying sword aura.

The sword aura was so dense that it had actually materialized into numerous visible swords, which howled and hovered in the air and dashed away in all directions, leaving countless cracks in the very fabric of this space which persisted there long after the swords were gone.

It seemed that this kind of sword aura, which was full of a killing intent, had been pestering and growing here for a long time. Although its killing power had decreased by a large extent because of the lapse of time, it was still pretty powerful. This stunned Austin to the core.

Fortunately, his physical strength was remarkable and his body had reached such a high level of cultivation that it could be used as a magic weapon. Therefore, he di

a formidable amount of demonic power when it was alive. Only then could its demonic aura still be so terrifying after such a long a time.

"Hey, young man!" A voice was suddenly heard from the altar.

An old man appeared on the altar in the mere blink of an eye. Leaning on his dark red crutch, he greeted Austin in an affable tone.

"Flood dragon ancestor!"

Upon seeing the old man, all the members of the Divine Moon Sect knelt down on the ground. They prostrated their bodies in front of the old man as if he were a god.

"Huh! Turns out the so-called flood dragon ancestor is just the soul of a flood dragon."

Austin sensed what the old man was just by casting a glance at him.

However, he did not step on the altar, because he could very clearly feel numerous energy waves of a magic array on the altar. These energy waves were strong enough for the array to be fatal. Even Austin had not seen such a powerful array before.

"It looks you know who I am, boy."

the old man said to Austin, still standing on the altar and unmoving. Then, with a sudden flash, he left the altar and arrived not far away from Austin.

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