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   Chapter 3084 Uphold Justice

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7164

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"How many people in your sect were involved in that experiment? Hand them over to me now.

Otherwise, I will kill ever single soul here and uproot the Divine Moon Sect,"

Austin threatened everyone in an indifferent tone.

"Shut up!

Young man, do you really think that you can defeat all of us by yourself?

Humph! To tell you the truth, we are more powerful than you think.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

You want to eradicate our sect? You must be kidding.

Young man, I advise you to just cooperate with us obediently,"

the middle-aged man said to Austin in a menacing tone.

"Oh, is that so?

I will let you know how serious I am," Austin sneered.

Without hesitation, he shook his hands slightly.

The elder in black whom Austin held in his hands and the creature with grey wings suddenly exploded into a mist of blood.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

When Austin first returned to the Earth, his physical strength alone was equal to that of a cultivator at the Emperor Realm.

Later on, he found his dead body in a funeral home in Smile City and merged with it. Since then, the Earth had been congenial to his body. Moreover, he had also regained part of his vital energy realm and physical strength.

At that moment, Austin's physical strength was as powerful as a cultivator at the Bitter Sea Realm.

"Brat, you are dead meat!

How dare you kill our men in front of us?" the middle-aged man yelled at Austin.

"Get him!"

he ordered his crew as he seethed with rage.

A dozen people who emitted a terrifying demonic aura rushed towards Austin with ferocious looks on their faces.

"Bring it on," Austin said in a challenging tone.

He swept his fingers, and more than ten men who were coming at him ended up being slashed from the middle. Their blood splattered everywhere on the ground.

"Damn it! Human brat, go to hell!" a brawny man shouted.

The pattern on his forehead was what betrayed him. Obviously, he was a tiger spirit.

His strength was equal to that of a cultivator at the premium stage of Earth Realm.

A cultivator at the premium stage of Earth Realm could ma

yourself more time to find a way to deal with me. I'm not stupid!

Am I right?" Austin said loudly.

He smirked mischievously at the senior experts.

His spiritual sense was so powerful that he could easily figure out what they were up to.

He continued to saunter as he killed people step by step. Blood splattered all over the headquarters of the Divine Moon Sect, and hundreds of cadavers tumbled down where he went.

Even the cultivators at the Senior Expert Realm were no match for Austin, not to mention those who were much weaker. He was so powerful that he could eliminate several of them with one move.

All of a sudden, Austin pointed at one of the senior experts.

In an instant, the senior expert's head exploded open and his brains were scattered in all directions. With a loud thump, he fell on the ground.

Without hesitation, Austin split another senior expert in half with his palm.

The senior expert's dead body parts were thrown away as his body blew up into pieces.

"All of the Divine Moon Sect members should be held accountable to all the cruel things that they have done. Your experiment has killed so many innocent people and made many families suffer from the pain of loss. Today, I will uphold justice for them," Austin declared.

With a composed expression, he kept moving. Strong wind blew, and his black hair danced in the air. He was like a demon, surrounded by dead bodies.

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