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   Chapter 3082 Mount Wey

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On the vast extension of the Brilliant Kingdom, a phantom light that was faintly visible moved as quickly as lightning.

"That Divine Moon Sect..."

Austin murmured coldly.

After everything that had happened the past, he was inclined to the idea of disliking this mysterious sect.

Because of their inhumane experiment a decade ago, Austin was forced to travel to the Prime Martial World. Eventually, he embarked on many perilous and novel adventures where he met many living creatures and visited many worlds. After all, never in his life did he think that he would be cultivating martial arts.

It might be a coincidence, but it was more of a causal loop.

He was well aware that he owed nothing to the Divine Moon Sect. Austin knew that he just got lucky.

The experiment they carried out bore no good intention to others. They killed innocent people and poked on them like guinea pigs.

Overall, it was completely unethical.

Austin trembled at the thought of the many people who had been victimized by the sect's evil project.

The Divine Moon Sect had a lot to pay for.

Austin was only one of the victims.

Meanwhile, he and the old man in black had been travelling to go to the headquarters of the sect. They kept going until one day, they arrived at Mount Wey in the southeastern region of the country.

Austin had been carrying the old man in black who led the way to the treacherous mountain.

"Wow, no wonder Mount Wey was regarded as one of the blessing lands during the ancient times. It's really a treasured place overflowing with earth essence!"

Austin exclaimed as he explored the cave.

He then let out his spiritual sense to scan the area. To his surprise, he discovered four giant earth dragons underground!

He gave them another look and found out that they were by no means new-born babies. Amazingly, their consciousness had already fully developed. However, Austin could not immediately tell how many eras they had been through.

The earth dragons were only illusory and transparent, and were concealed by rich laws of the earth.

Only cultivators with profound skills were able to see through the dragons.

No matter how high their cultivation base was, if they did not possess this type of skill, people would fail to recognize the dragons.

Austin spelled a word. In an instant, he disappeared and re-emerged underground.

"What's going on

ssage from the dragon.

But since then, it seemed that the dragon lost itself in deep slumber. It made no further response no matter what Austin did.

Eventually, he gave up.

'A big plot? What the hell is going on?'

Austin wondered as he marched forward.

Soon, he figured out that there were a total of five giant dragons under Mount Wey.

Austin examined each of them carefully and found that they were all in the same boat.

Whatever this plot was and whoever devised it, it was not good.

Austin could see the dark evil energy lurking around the mountain.

It had run deep into the earth, and had occupied each inch of the land.

Austin could not help but sigh. With the old man in his hand, he dashed out of the earth and went on with his journey.

Under the guidance of the old man in black, Austin headed for an extremely remote location in the depths of the mountain.

"The headquarters of our sect is right ahead of us,"

the old man said as he pointed his finger forward.


There must be a powerful space array here.

Otherwise, this vast space could be seen by the naked eye.

For ordinary people, the space here is just folded and disappeared, and they could see nothing, ' Austin thought in his head.

Austin looked forward only to see the clouds and heavy fog, as well as the mysterious rippling space laws.

He did not expect to encounter such a deceitful space.

Then, Austin understood why no one in the martial arts world knew where the headquarters of the Divine Moon Sect was. With such a space array, it could avoid anyone's attention.

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