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   Chapter 3081 The Headquarters Of Divine Moon Sect

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Austin wasted no time and took action. He enlarged the entire temple and built four or five more spacious rooms.

Also, he had a deep understanding of spatial power and the spatial law. He used his knowledge of the space law as he transformed and expanded the entire temple.

From the outside, the size of the temple appeared the same even after the renovation.

The temple's exterior would show no indication that its internal space was at least a dozen times bigger than before.

Then Austin worked on the arrays.

While he was at the Prime Martial World, he learned various ways to make arrays from Fanny's grandfather. Soon, he was an expert and became much better than his teacher.

With his improved strength and deeper understanding of the law power of nature, Austin could set up arrays in a faster and more efficient manner.

He also amassed a great number of precious natural resources, so he did not have to worry about running out of array materials.

In less than a day, Austin managed to make one dozen arrays.

It was a complete line-up of top-grade spiritual energy gathering array, defense array, attack array, and invisibility array.

He was convinced that cultivators who had not reached the Primal Holy Realm could not break those arrays.

With this in place, no one in this planet could break into the temple. After all, no one could match the power of a cultivator at the Primal Holy Realm.

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe you are an array master.

Your arrays are exceptional.

Even a thousand people at my level can't break your arrays!" the mountain god remarked in utter surprise.

He ran in and out of the temple several times to examine his new temple excitedly. He smiled from ear to ear and was obviously delighted with his new dwelling.

Austin was amused by his remarks.

'Even a hundred thousand people at his level will not be able to break my arrays, ' Austin thought to himself and smiled.

Austin's parents and brother also examined the arrays, and they all marveled at his creation.

The three of them were now bona fide cultivators, and they recognized the power of the arrays set up by Austin.

After he finished rebuilding the temple, Austin also put numerous high-level cultivation resources there. Then once again, he asked the mountain god to take good care of his fa

ters of the Divine Moon Sect.

However, the old man in black was defiant and refused to talk.

Austin tortured him harshly, but the old man in black still remained silent. Austin was forced to use all kinds of spiritual sense skills to hit his spiritual soul.

Soon enough, he discovered a spiritual restriction in the elder's Soul Sea.

What he saw stunned Austin. The restriction was fatal.

On the occasion that the elder in black tried to share the secrets of the Divine Moon Sect with an outsider, it would activate the restriction and his spiritual soul will shatter into pieces.

Austin was in a predicament and did not know what to do next.

Finally, he released the spiritual tree and the spiritual dragon. Under his control, they entered the elder's Soul Sea to deal with the spiritual restriction.

After a while, the spiritual tree and the spiritual dragon successfully destroyed the dangerous spiritual restriction.

The old man in black broke down under Austin's relentless torture.

Without the restriction, he answered all of Austin's questions honestly.

In the end, Austin learned the location of the headquarters of the Divine Moon Sect from him.

"Ten years ago, I died in a car accident and the Divine Moon Sect was responsible for that.

Now I will even the score with you. I bet you never saw this coming," Austin whispered to the distant sky with a sinister smile.

He then took out the Space Ship.

He got into the ship, and in a flash, the vessel turned into a beam of light and disappeared into thin air.

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