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   Chapter 3080 Visit The Mountain God Again

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"Well, my dear disciple, you have managed the Heavenly Mountain Sect very well, over the years.

Now there is a rare opportunity in front of us.

As long as I can get all the high-level resources from that guy, my strength will definitely increase a few notches up and my power will significantly increase!

So, this time, you should try your very best and finish the task for me!"

said the elder in white robe.

"Master, given your current strength, if you break through and improve a few more levels, you will definitely be invincible and no one in the world can challenge you!"

the current sect leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect said excitedly as he thought of the inevitable outcome.

"Well, that's true.

Hmm, if I have enough power to go several levels higher, then I'm sure to rank third, or if the fates allow, be ranked first in the martial arts world here on the Earth!

Automatically, I shall be the supreme being and lord over the entire martial arts world on Earth!"

the elder said proudly. He no longer felt the need to hide his excitement and pride.


In the hall, all the high-level managers of the Heavenly Mountain Sect were extremely excited when they heard the words of the elder, who, although retired, was actually the superior leader of their sect.

It was known far and wide that he wasn't only the legendary immortal in the continent, but also a master at the Mysterious Realm!

It was said that their superior leader was able to rank among the top 15 cultivators in the current martial arts world throughout the entire Earth!

Such strength made the Heavenly Mountain Sect become the top sect in the Brilliant Kingdom. It had brought immense pride and inspiration among its members.

If their superior leader could indeed take another great leap and become the most powerful cultivator on the Earth, then the Heavenly Mountain Sect would certainly rise and take the top spot, becoming the most powerful sect on the planet.

The thought of such a result made the high-level managers extremely excited and their faces flushed red with pride and anticipation.

"Superior leader, you are right!

Our Heavenly Mountain Sect must seize this opportunity.

Once you become the strongest being, our sect will rule this world and lead the entire martial arts world. They shall all bow to us and cannot challenge us. It will be our crowning glory!"

All the high-level managers who had gathered in the hall discussed the wonderful opportunity animatedly.

"Ha ha, don't worry, master. I have already sent two elders in addition to Skylar from the Xu Clan in the southwest to deal with Austin. They are all at the expert level. It will be a piece of cake for them to defeat an inexperienced young fighter like Austin. That kid does not know what he has gotten into. Our contingent will capture him alive and get all his resources!

Please be a little patient, dear master. The two elders may be already on their way back with the resources that we needed from that man! How difficu

at those stories were just made up by people to teach their children to respect the nature.

To their surprise, now they were able to meet such a god in the flesh.

However, after pondering over it for a little while, they also concluded that Austin could also be regarded as a god with his current ability to fly in the sky and dive underground.

'We already have a god in our home. Now, meeting another god is no longer such a strange thing!' they thought.

At the thought of this, their parents and elder brother were immediately relieved and stopped feeling upset about the mysterious god in front of them. Waking up from the momentary enchantment, they greeted him enthusiastically.

After a while of polite greetings, the mountain god immediately invited Austin's family into his temple. He had agreed to take care of them for Austin's sake.

Austin released his spiritual sense to inspect the temple. He found that it was just a simple building without the usual fancy adornments.

"Sir, I'm going to rebuild and expand your temple, and then set up all kinds of arrays, including the spiritual energy gathering array, defensive array, attack array and so on."

Austin eagerly made a suggestion.

"Really? You know how to set the arrays?"

The mountain god was stunned.

In fact, there were no array experts on the Earth. No one even came close to being one.

The remaining arrays could be found today were almost all left by array experts from ancient times.

"Yeah, a little bit."

Austin nodded.

"Ha ha, that's great then. Young hero, just do whatever you want to do. I shall leave it all up to you. I will be very grateful for it.

This temple was built temporarily after my original one was taken away by the villain Elliot, so it wasn't worth the effort and resources to complete it. Young hero, it won't matter to me even if you tear it down.

If you can help me set up several big arrays, then I will have a very good temple here,"

the mountain god said and laughed expectantly.

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