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   Chapter 3078 The Superior Sect Leader (Part One)

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"Hey, brat. If you want to keep your family alive, you'd better not act rashly!"

Extremely elated, Skylar took a few steps backward to stay away from Austin.

At the same time, sharp knives were placed against the necks of Austin's parents and elder brother.

"You think that's enough to threaten me?"

Austin snorted as he stared back at Skylar with his murderous eyes. He concentrated his mind and launched out a dozen of his Spiritual Sense Flying Needles, which darted out at lightning speed.

Right then, everybody was startled as they heard painful screams.

They were from the men who held the knives against Austin's family. They suddenly dropped their knives and fell on the ground. All of them were crying for help as they felt like their heads were almost cracking.

Using his Omnipotent Lightness, Austin moved swiftly like the wind and reached his parents and brother in an instant. With a snap of his finger, the thick ropes tying their bodies were all cut off.

Seeing this happen all at the same time, Skylar felt frightened to his bones. He wanted to stop Austin, but he just couldn't move an inch.

Austin's speed was too inhuman that it could not be fully perceived by the naked eyes. Skylar could only see his silhouette and feel the wind that came after.

"Sorry for all the trouble, Austin. We were so weak that we couldn't defend ourselves when they came to us. Are you okay? Did you get hurt?"

Chad apologized as he felt sad and embarrassed.

When the people of the Xu Clan from the southwest broke into their home, Austin's parents and Chad tried their hardest to resist. However, they were outnumbered, and to make things worse, their enemies were well-trained martial a

ation resources that you gave us.

I know that they're all so precious, but we didn't have the strength to safeguard them. We're so sorry,"

Austin's mother said in a soft voice.

Ever since Austin was hit by a car and later his father and brother were also seriously ill, the family had almost lost everything. They had to sale their house and had lived poorly and thrived in life through frugality over the past ten years. She would even bargain with the market vendors for a long until she was given a price that she could afford. She did this for every single commodity—even if it was just for a piece of cabbage.

It was no wonder that she felt very sorry for the loss of so many valuable resources.

"Don't worry, mom. I will take them all back.

They won't get away with stealing what's ours.

But for now, let's go home,"

Austin responded with a faint smile. He then took out the Space Ship and they quickly headed for the Peace County.

As they went back home, Austin remembered that he didn't find any cultivation resources from the two elders of the Heavenly Mountain Sect, Skylar, or any members of the Xu Clan.

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