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   Chapter 3077 The Sword Skills Of The Heavenly Mountain Sect

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"Stop it, you bastard!"

A voice suddenly rang out.

It was laced with unmistakable fury, and bore the weight of power and authority, as if coming from a god about to mete out punishment.

Three figures suddenly appeared in front of Austin, blocking his way.

One of them was an old man with silver hair, while the other two looked to be of middle age.

They all bore good physiques despite their age, and had a dignified air about them that quickly quieted the rampage.

They were, without a doubt, top martial artists.

"So you are Austin!" spoke the silver-haired elder. He was the chief of the Xu Clan, Skylar.

Austin cocked his head slightly to the side before giving a casual nod. "That's right."

"You dare to be so nonchalant after having killed so many man of our Xu Clan!"

The old man was gritting his teeth, his fury and resentment hanging heavily in the air.

"It's just as well that you are not denying anything. Today you will die by my hands!"

Austin remained nonplussed.

He had made his own assumptions in his head, concluding that the old man before him must be the chief of the Xu Clan.

"Of course I won't be denying that I killed the men sent by your clan.

Why should I, when I have a very good reason behind my actions?

Your people must have thought it was a brilliant idea to mess with my family.

That was more than enough reason for me to obliterate your clan from the face of the world." He clasped his hands behind his back as he finished speaking.

The old man laughed at his face. "You are one arrogant brat! We'll see if you even have the ability to do so!"

"How dare you, you little bastard!" One of the men beside Skylar spat out.

"The Xu Clan is kept under the Heavenly Mountain Sect's wing.

An affront to the Xu Clan is an affront to the Heavenly Mountain Sect!

You filthy brat, tell us which sect do you even belong to, and who is your master?

How dare you provoke the most prestigious Heavenly Mountain Sect?

Have you no sense of self-preservation?"

"Ha, he obviously has a death wish!" The other man chimed in. "No one in the Brilliant Kingdom, not even in the whole world, would ever dare disrespect the Heavenly Mountain Sect.

You are nothing but a young pup. How can you be so shameless with your crimes?

Did your elders never teach you the basic rules?"

Both of Skylar's cahoots were looking smug as they told Austin off.

They relished in throwing their weight around, relying on the name of the Heavenly Mountain Sect to loom over whomever they wished to intimidate.

After all, the sect was known to have harbored a good number of great masters.

Although they themselves were only ordinary elders of the Heavenly Mountain Sect, they had been enjoying the respect to and authority of the name whe

ould be able to make their sword fly and control it with the use of their vital energy alone.

If one mastered it an ever greater level, they could even wield their flying sword and cut down their enemy's head from a thousand miles away.

Skylar had heard much about the Flying Swordsmanship of the Heavenly Mountain Sect, but he never dreamed that he could see it manifest before his eyes.

Even Austin was in awe of it, and was watching with secret admiration.

The Earth really did deserve to be one of the divine gods' birthplaces.

Numerous brilliant martial skills had been preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

In spite its impressiveness, though, this kind of Flying Swordsmanship couldn't hurt Austin either.

They were all wasting his time. His rage was mounting.

He shot forward and grabbed the sword as it flew, then charged toward the elder. With a single swing, he cut the elder's head off of his shoulders.

He turned to Skylar as he flicked the blood from the blade. His control was slipping this time.

These bastards from the Xu Clan had captured his family who had done nothing to them in the first place.

Austin no longer had any qualms in killing anyone who would still dare to stand in his way.

"You... You!" Skylar blubbered, his eyes wide with fear and desperation.

It was clear to him that he was no match for Austin, and he was the only one left! He trembled where he stood. Clump. Clump.

Austin was drawing nearer step by step.

His face bore no expression, except for the sharp, cruel glint in his eyes.

For every step that he took forward, Skylar took little steps back. "Stop! Stop, you brat! Don't come any closer!"

Then out of nowhere, a handful of masters from the Xu Clan flew into the courtyard and pushed Austin's parents and brother forward.

"Stop or your family will die!"

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