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   Chapter 3076 Start To Slaughter

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Austin had put away the Space Ship when he got near the Peace County. With just a single stride, he appeared in the yard of his parents' house.

Before he entered the house, Austin released his spiritual sense and explored the area.

Just then, Austin's heart sank.

His parents and his brother were nowhere to be found.

Instead, he found five strangers hiding in the darkness, who he assumed were waiting for him.

As soon as he saw this, he realized that something must have happened to his family.

Since the three of them had already set foot on the road of cultivation and started cultivating in seclusion, they wouldn't just go out if it was not necessary.

"It seems like someone's here!

Go out and check if it's that guy!"

The five intruders hiding inside the house found out that it was Austin, and finally showed themselves.

Austin let them find him on purpose as he did not want to waste any time to find out where his family was.

"It's really him!"

The five men immediately recognized Austin. They were laughing, thinking that their plan to lure him out had worked smoothly.

"Hey, brat! Aren't you a bold one? You really dared to come back here?

This time, you will not escape from us!"

The strangers rushed towards Austin and surrounded him.

"What the hell did you do to my family?"

Austin had no time for playing around. His voice was as cold as ice, and he exuded a murderous intent that enveloped the entire house.

The five men instantly felt a shiver down their spines.

"Don't be cocky, brat! You can't even protect yourself. How can you still have time to worry about your family?

Well, since you asked… I already killed them!"

one of the men answered with a grim smile on his face.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Austin instantly appeared in front of him. The man then suddenly felt a huge hand on his throat, choking him. The next thing he knew was that he was being lifted up high as he tried to gasp for air.

Austin was so powerful that the man wasn't able to do anything against him.

"What do you think you're doing?

Put him down!"

The other four were taken aback with the fast-paced actions. They lost their composure and attacked Austin with no concrete plans in mind.

"These fools!"

Austin scoffed at their futile actions.


Strong physical energy was released and exploded like a bomb.

The four who rushed at Austin felt an incredible force crash into them. It was as though they got hit by an extremely fast-moving truck that rammed straight at them. Their bodies flew high in the air as blood gushed out.


o the scene and realized what Austin did.

They stubbornly tried to surround Austin, each of them giving him a murderous look.

Austin smirked at the sight of the furious people of the Xu Clan. He raised his right hand and forcefully punched the air. Tremendous physical strength rushed out and caused a terrifying airwave that sent the entire courtyard shaking violently.

Whoosh! Crash! Splat! Splat!

Several bodies flew into the air and exploded. A storm was created in the courtyard where blood and innards rained down hard.

Austin's single punch massacred several of the members. Their crushed bodies were scattered in all directions and there was no way to identify them.

Austin even limited the release of his physical strength to half with that punch, and yet, hundreds of them were slaughtered like fragile insects.

"What the hell was that?!" Everyone who saw the scene was shocked at their core.

They stared blankly at the remains scattered on the yard. They weren't even sure if they were just having a nightmare, or if the grim reaper in a human form was already there to fetch them.

"Son of a bitch! Go to hell, Austin!"

A few people who were still sane tried to attack him with all their powerful martial arts skills.

These men were apparently cultivators at the Subliming Force Realm.

But even these powerful men instantly turned into bloody lumps of flesh with a single blow from Austin.

"Didn't you all hear me saying that all members of the Xu Clan must die today?"

Austin stood in the middle of the courtyard like a vengeful ghost from hell, drenched in blood, and killing anyone who got in his way.

No one was powerful enough to even last a few seconds as they faced Austin's frenzied state.

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