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   Chapter 3075 Your Family Will Be In Trouble

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7239

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Without hesitation, Austin stretched out his right hand to grab the stout elder by the shoulder.

The stout old man held a machete which weighed at least two hundred pounds. When he swung his weapon at Austin, the sound of a flinging beam of energy collided with the air.

However, Austin moved so much faster than him.

As he grabbed the stout elder's shoulder, he tightened his grip and the fat old man's bones were crushed.

Austin tossed the pot-bellied man in the air, and the latter's body shot into the distance like a huge cannonball.

In the next second, he smacked the middle-aged Taoist's face.

The middle-aged man was instantly blown away. He spat blood as he coughed, and then lay on the ground motionless.

Then, like a ghost, Austin moved swiftly and was instantly in front of the old man in black from the Divine Moon Sect.

"So you're a member of the Divine Moon Sect?"

Austin asked indifferently.

Everyone around them was completely stunned.

'How could this guy move so fast?'

All of them felt a chill run down their spine.

"Yes, I'm from the Divine Moon Sect! You better clean up your act, or else we will destroy you!" the elder in black replied.

He was taken aback by Austin's display of his power. Even though he had a straight face, his legs were shaking with tremor.

"Oh, is that so? Well, today is your lucky day. I'm looking for members of the Divine Moon Sect," Austin snapped with a defiant sneer.

He reached out his hand and grabbed the old man in black's clothes.

"You brat! How dare you!" the old man in black shrieked as he retreated quickly.

At the same time, he attempted to deliver a punch in Austin's direction. The elder's fist emitted vigorous golden lights.

Apparently, he had learned how to capture the radiant energy of the sun, the moon, and the stars and convert it into his own.

Austin dashed towards him in maximum speed.

He stretched out his hand to seize the elder's glowing fist and immediately pulverized it. Then, Austin gave the fat elder a slap, and the old man was knocked out in a split second! He held the unconscious man in his hands.

Austin was incredibly

the years.

Even if he could, Austin did not want to kill them. Otherwise, no one could have survived his strike.

While he held the unconscious elder in black in his hands, he moved his body and vanished into thin air.

A moment later, Austin and his captive arrived at a quiet and dense forest. He woke up the elder in black and interrogated him aggressively. Austin wanted to worm the truth about the Divine Moon Sect, including its headquarters, out of the old man.

"Brat, you're finished.

Our superiors have already sent out two groups of people.

My men and I came here to Smile City while the other group went to your hometown—the Peace County.

Humph! I knew you were one of those experiment rats.

We know everything about you and your family.

I believe your family has now fallen into the hands of my companions.

Don't be foolish. If I were you, you should release me now.

Otherwise, your family will be in big trouble!" The elder in black laughed.

His words had frightened Austin.

Without a word, Austin immediately took out the Space Ship, jumped onto it, and steered towards his hometown.

'I will kill all the members of the Divine Moon Sect if they dare to harm a hair on my family's head!'

Austin swore to himself.

Although the laws on the Earth weakened the Space Ship's power, the vessel was still astonishingly fast. Ten minutes later, Austin could see the Peace County ahead of him.

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