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   Chapter 3074 Attacking Austin For The Treasures

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9726

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"Ha ha, you are absolutely right, Mr. Tang!

We will only take his treasures, not kill him.

When we're done, you and your Divine Moon Sect can get even with him! You can do anything you want!"

All of a sudden, a short and fat old man who bore a striking resemblance to a potato appeared in front of everyone, laughing loudly.

The old man was very short, barely reaching 5 feet in height. But while he stood there, an invisible pressure of energy quietly spread around him, making everyone feel stuffy in the chest as if being suffocated.

It turned out that he was one of the Subliming Force Realm masters!


At this point, a figure as sharp as a sword appeared on the top of an off-road vehicle. Without warning, the figure proceeded to hacked at Austin.

The sharp figure turned out to be a middle-aged man, dressed like a Taoist priest. His waist bulged up, revealing a well concealed weapon under his garments.

The man looked cold and arrogant and his aura was sharp and dangerous. He looked so sharp, like a sword that could easily be pulled out of its sheath at any time.

"Lad, we don't have to do this. How about you save yourself from all the hurt and pain and just hand over all your belongings?"

The man ignored the others. As soon as he came, he stared at Austin on the ground and coldly demanded that Austin surrender everything.

He wanted to make sure that everyone knew that he was a Subliming Force Realm master!

The other cultivators around couldn't help but gasp, intimidated by his presence.

Most of the time, Subliming Force Realm masters were rarely seen anywhere in the world.

But now, four cultivators at the Subliming Force Realm appeared in front of them. It was as rare as the appearance of the blue moon.

The four masters went up quickly, formed an array to surround Austin, leaving him no chance to get away.

The others all stepped back, distancing themselves from the upcoming fight. It could be messy and extremely violent.

"Hey you guys, do you really want to make things hard for our Divine Moon Sect?"

The elder in black's face darkened seeing the situation.

There was sort of threat in his tone.

It was easy to understand that as a famous and prestigious sect, the Divine Moon Sect was indeed feared by most warriors in this world.

"Haha, you are complicating things, sir.

I have made it clear that I only wanted to get the pills from this lad. As for the grudge between your sect and him, leave me out of it. I am not the least bit interested.

The members of our clan will never stir up trouble on our own accord,"

the elder in traditional garments chuckled.

One could judge from his appearance that he was from the Tang Clan!

After realizing who he was, everyone suddenly stepped back. He was no one to be messed with.

The Tang Clan was a force with a long history, well-known for its specialty i

e shot, more than half of the flying needles disappeared. This made it hard for anyone to avoid them. It was also almost impossible for them to run or hide from any of the needles.

"Well, it's one of the powerful secret weapon skills of the Tang Clan. It seems that it truly deserves its reputation!"

The crowd couldn't help but admire the old man for his superb concealed weapon skill. They wouldn't want to be against him in the future, knowing that he was in possession of this skill.

The other three Subliming Force Realm masters nodded in approval.

But in the next moment…

Bang! Bam! Crash!

The deafening sound of metal colliding rang out clearly.

Hundreds and thousands of flying needles, as soon as they hit the skin surface of Austin, were knocked back one after another by a powerful and invisible force.

What was more, these flying needles were much faster and more powerful than before when travelling back.

It was impossible for the needles to penetrate the protective barrier around Austin and him, especially given his powerful physical strength. The needles then quickly turned around towards the old man that had just deployed them, then immediately went after him.

"Damn it! Fuck!"

The old man turned pale with fear and hurried to dodge the attack.

But, it was too late.

Shoop, Shoop, Shoop...

The flying needles came at the old man one after another and buried themselves in his own flesh.

In a flash, he was stabbed by the flying needles in every inch of his body.

With a loud bang, the old man fell to the ground, screaming. He was in serious pain.

"The fucking brat! Let's join forces and deal with him together."

The other three masters glanced at each other in agreement.

Then the three of them rushed towards Austin simultaneously.


But there is no need to play with you anymore,"

Austin stood up suddenly and sneered. He was getting impatient.

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