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   Chapter 3070 The Negotiation

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Everyone inside the auction hall had their gaze fixed on the elder in the wheelchair nervously. Eventually, the elder finally stopped shaking, and he calmed down.

Austin stepped back and stood aside, looking relaxed.


Overwhelmed with emotion, the beautiful girl wanted to run towards the elder and check his current condition.

But before she could do anything, Austin stopped her in her tracks. "Give your grandfather some time," he advised.

He waved his hand and unleashed a force that halted her from going anywhere near the elder.

"Sir, didn't you say that you could bring back this old gentleman's health and vigor? You also swore that you could make him walk again.

It looks like things did not go well," Master Eason mocked.

He raised his eyebrows as if taunting Austin.

The rest of monks from the Buddhist Sect burst into laughter.

"I saw this coming. When this guy made such bold declarations, I immediately knew that he was lying.

I don't even think our pills can instantly cure anyone, let alone his tricks," one of the monks teased. He eyed Austin with contempt and smirked haughtily.

"See, Alice? As I said, this loser is nothing but an airhead!"

The stout old man laughed out loud.

"Honey, I have a feeling that Austin is here for me. I bet that he heard that I would be attending the auction, so he came here and did all this just to impress me,"

Alice said as she let her imagination run wild.

They deliberately spoke in a loud voice, so that everyone in the auction hall could hear them clearly. They drew a knowing smile as they looked at Austin.

The old man remained in the wheelchair with his eyes closed. All the people gathered around were convinced that Austin was a fraud.

Austin, on the other hand, remained unfazed. He looked calm and collected, with his hands clasped behind his back.

'The Magic Sea Water is capable of bringing the dead back to life.

Even if this elder was dead, he would come back to life once he takes the Magic Sea Water. I'm sure he will be able to walk around like ordinary people soon now that he drank the Magic Sea Water, ' Austin thought.

Eventually, something happened that shook everyone around.

"That's enough! This young man didn't brag.

He cured me," the elder broke the eerie silence. His voice was loud and clear.

He placed his hands on the armrests of the wheelchair and sprung up from the wheelchair.

The elder let out a hearty laugh as he patted his legs.

"It feels so great. I spent years sitting in a wheelchair. Now I can finally get rid of it, stand up and walk like ordinary people.

p my grandfather prolong his life, I'm willing to pay you.

One billion!

What do you think?"

she pleaded as she drew closer to Austin.

With his hands behind his back, Austin looked away from her.

Seeing that Austin could not be reasoned with despite the exorbitant amount, Serena decided to raise it even more. "Two billion!"

"Three billion!"

"Four billion!"

"Five billion! That's as far as I can go. Do we have a deal?!" Austin remained unperturbed.

"Hey, are you dumb or something? Do you agree or not? Answer me now.

I have already apologized. What else do you want?

I can marry you if you want.

Can you agree now?"

Serena's pretty face was turning red from fury as she kept on offering goods to him. Austin, on the other hand, didn't even look her in the eye. Out of desperation, she offered her hand in marriage even if she didn't mean to.

Her grandfather didn't stop her.

After all, he also hoped that Austin could help him prolong his life.

Trading billions for extending his life was a good deal. After all, he was affluent.

Austin finally said something after Serena's final offer. "Oh, is that so?

My answer is no. I'm not interested in you."

Austin playfully eyed the charming woman up and down.

"Hey! You stupid brat.

I'm good looking and I have an inviting figure that plenty of men would swoon over. Moreover, I am from an influential family. I am so much better than you.

Even if you want to marry me, I will refuse."

Austin's words irritated the girl even further.

"But since you are a devoted granddaughter, I'll help your grandfather to live for thirty years more.

After all, I did promise you that I will extend your grandfather's life,"

Austin casually mentioned.

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