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   Chapter 3069 The Magic Sea Water

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"Are you serious?!

Can you really do that?"

the enchanting girl asked, as she looked at Austin with astonishment and disbelief written all over her face.

Other than her, all the other people present were also staring at Austin in shock.

"Sir, you are talking nonsense.

Only our Life-Prolonging Pills have been proved to help people to live longer.

There are no other pills that can do that.

Sir, please stop spreading such lies to people,"

Master Eason of the Buddhist Sect told Austin in a displeased tone.

The monks standing beside Master Eason also sneered as they looked down on Austin with evident disdain on their faces.

Upon hearing what Austin said, the martial artists at the auction were stunned. Not very long after, a mocking smile crept up on all their faces.

"Master Eason is right! It is said that Buddha Hawley was the one who created and perfected the formula of the Life-prolonging Pill himself. Since then, the formula has been passed down from generation to generation.

Many people on the verge of death were able to recover and live healthy lives long after taking it.

I don't think that there is any pill that can be compared with the Life-prolonging Pill of the Buddhist Sect," an old man said.

"I couldn't agree with you more. The Life-prolonging Pill of the Buddhist Sect has been considered the most precious and efficient magic pill on Earth since ancient times. That reputation and status has never been challenged until today.

This brat is young. Now, he is saying that he has pills that are much better than the Life-prolonging Pill.

Either he is delusional or he is making it all up," a middle-aged man added.

Most of those martial artists present expressed their thoughts and accused Austin of being a liar and a fraud.

The fat, old man that Alice came with, broke out laughing.

"Alice, look at your ex! This loser is bragging yet nobody believes him. Pathetic!

I have every reason to believe that he is not serious about bidding on that item. He is here to stir up trouble.

He is just a liar and Cassede Company should investigate on him and throw him in jail!"

the fat old man spoke out loud with a smirk.

"Honey, you have a good point. I agree with you completely,"

Alice replied.

Hearing the mean things that people were saying about Austin, the beautiful woman was convinced that Austin was lying. Her face darkened because of it.

"That's it.

If you don't have anything else to say, please leave and stop disturbing us. I and Master Eason haven't finished the deal yet," the charming girl said to Austin in an indifferent tone, not looking at him directly.

Obviously she had decided that he was a liar.

"There is an easy way to prove whether I am lying or not.

I can help him stand up from his wheelchair with regained health now if you just give the go signal.

What say you? Why don't you let me have a try?"

Austin said with a faint smile.


gic liquid entered through his mouth, the elder in the wheelchair immediately felt a terrifyingly powerful life energy spread inside him.

He could not help but tremble as the Magic Sea Water began taking effect.

Austin stretched out his hand and pressed it towards the elder's head without touching it. Streaks of vital energy came out from his palm and entered the elder's body.

The old man was just a mortal and he was weak. It was impossible for him to bear the massive amount of life energy inside the Magic Sea Water.

Hence, Austin had to help him absorb it.

Otherwise, the old man would explode and die.

"Grandpa..." the enchanting girl called out worriedly as she saw the elder tremble continuously. "Stop it now, brat!" she shouted at Austin.

She was so worried about her grandpa that she intended to dash forward to stop Austin.

"Stay right there. I'm fine!"

the old man shouted.

The beautiful woman stopped in her tracks and went back to where she was standing. Watching anxiously, she clenched her fists and sweat broke out on her forehead.

All the people in the hall fixed their eyes on Austin and the old man, nervously waiting for the result.

"Honey, do you think Austin would be able to cure that old man?"

Alice asked her partner, the fat old man.

Of course she wanted Austin to fail and embarrass himself in front of everyone.

"Humph! What do you think?

That loser has nothing but air, doing nothing but brag about his skills.

Do you really believe that he can make it?

Wait and see. Everyone will see through his little trick soon, and everything will fall apart for him.

We can then watch him get into a lot of trouble. That's the kind of entertainment that I like!"

the fat old man snorted.

'Humph! Brat, you obviously don't know how powerful my grandfather is.

If anything happens to him, I will make sure that you pay for it!'

the beautiful girl thought anxiously as she narrowed her eyes at Austin.

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