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   Chapter 3068 The Life-prolonging Pill

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7587

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"Honey, didn't you say that Austin's net worth was just about several million?

How could he afford to offer two billion? Does it mean that he's that rich?"

Alice asked the stout man with both her voice and face full of shock and disbelief.

The man's face turned dark red. As he ignored Alice, he stared at Austin with vicious eyes.

All the people who knew martial arts turned and looked at Austin in astonishment.

Although each of them was considered to be very rich, only a few of them could afford to bid a sum of two billion at once.

That was why Austin instantly became the focus of attention in the crowd.

"Sir, we are from the Buddhist Sect, and we are here to offer a trade. We want your Sarira in exchange for a Life-prolonging Pill.

How does that sound?"

a monk seated in the corner of the room suddenly spoke loudly to th host of the auction.

"Oh my gosh!"

"A Life-prolonging Pill?!"

Murmurs could be heard all over the place as the martial artists held their breaths in utter shock.

The Life-prolonging Pill from the Buddhist Sect was quite famous especially in the martial arts world.

People who were going to die a natural death could live another ten years once they took the pill.

It indeed had the function of lengthening one's longevity.

There were even some extremely sick people who were able to survive ten years after consuming the pill.

"Well… Let me discuss this first with the owner of the Sarira before I can give you an answer,"

the auctioneer of the Cassede company said hesitantly.

As an experienced auctioneer, he had a basic knowledge of all kinds of collections and rare items.

He had heard of the Life-prolonging Pill from the Buddhist Sect and knew of its great value.

Hence, he gestured at one of the staff to come to him and whispered something.

The staff immediately got off the stage and ran out of the hall.

A moment later, an old man in a wheelchair was seen entering the hall.

The elder was surrounded by a group of people that looked like experienced bodyguards.

Even Austin could tell that this man was a big shot.

A charming girl pushed the wheelchair into the hall. The second she stepped inside the room, she addressed the guests.

"Who offered to tr

the old man desperately needed. Even if they had other precious treasures to trade for the Sarira, they were skeptical that the lady would agree to make a deal with them.

"We have a deal then.

With this, I am giving to you the Life-prolonging Pill."

Master Eason was glad to reach an agreement.

However, just when he was about to take out the pill, Austin stepped forward and interrupted them.

"Hold on a second," Austin chimed in.

"What is he doing?"

Everyone looked at Austin with a puzzled look all over their faces.

"What else do you want? If you still want to have the Sarira, then I'm afraid that's not happening.

I already made the deal with Master Eason and that's final.

I won't sell it to you no matter how much money you offer,"

the beautiful lady said impatiently as she looked at Austin.

"What if I tell you that I can also prolong the life of this old gentleman? Not only prolong his life, but I will completely cure his body,"

Austin asserted with a confident smile.

Although the old man was seriously ill and didn't have much life left in him, it would just be a piece of cake for Austin to cure him.

Even if the old man's flesh was smashed to pieces, he could rebuild his physical body and prolong his life as long as his spiritual soul was still intact.

Letting the old man live for another decade or even almost a century would not even be an issue.

Of course, it would be in exchange for something he wanted if he was to help the old man.

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