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   Chapter 3067 The Competitive Bidding

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Austin released his spiritual sense to learn more about the Buddha's bone fragment.

In an instant, he hesitated and was dumbfounded as he stared into space.

He saw hundreds of thousands of lotus petals floating mid-air, which soon turned into sparkling crystal raindrops.

In the distant, he saw an ancient bodhi tree, known as the tree of awakening, that stretched its branches in all directions like terrifying dragons. Its leaves were vividly green and heart-shaped with an extended tip. Suddenly, laws started to appear around the tree in the form of a mist.

Under the ancient tree, a man in saffron robe sat cross-legged in meditation. A dazzling radiance circulated at the back of his head. His body interacted with the laws in the void, as if he was sitting in the past, the present, and the future at the same time. Then, he peacefully looked at Austin in the eye.


Are you kidding me? Is that Buddha Hawley? Oh, this can't be real!'

Austin widened his eyes and held his breath. The man looked exactly the same like the Buddha statues in temples everywhere! He had a unique face, and was austere in stature, pose, and clothing. At that moment, he was integrated with the natural laws as if he was part of nature itself.

The bodhi tree's pumpkin-shaped flowers continuously fell down, while the leaves rustled with the gentle breeze. Austin had never seen such a serene and tranquil scene.

Austin felt like he was in a state of trance as he glared at the extraordinary man under the tree. The man was both anything and everything in the world.

Unconsciously, Austin's spiritual sense was released to discern the man.

"If you want a taste of the true Buddhism, then you have to reach the end of the Spirit Mountain."

the middle-aged man suddenly whispered. His words continuously rang in Austin's ears like a stream of river full of natural laws.

At the same time, Austin felt an unstoppable overwhelming Buddhist power coming at him from afar.

He hurriedly took a step back to try to avoid it.


Austin found himself knocked into a table full of desserts, which made all the cups and plates fall down onto the ground.

Everyone who heard the noise stretched their necks to check what was going on, and gave him a puzzled look.

"Ha-ha! Look at him, Alice. I'm afraid the price of this Sarira scared somebody stiff!

Humph! He shouldn't have come here if he only has a few million dollars in his pocket. He asked for it! If I were him, I would leave right now to avoid further humiliation."

They even had long swords hanging on their waists!

Almost all of the martial arts masters dressed out of place in the auction room anyway.

"I can feel that this particular piece of bone contains astonishing Buddhist law. It will truly be a treasure of our sect.

We, the Buddhist Sect, won't go home without it!"

In the corner, several monks were discussing secretly.

After the price of the Sarira had risen to one billion, the elites from the mortal world were no longer willing to continue with the bidding. They sat quietly to see who would get it.

On the other hand, it was a different story for the people from the martial arts world. All of them were itching to get a hold of the Sarira!

After all, for the martial arts masters, it bore such a profound Buddhist power, and its value was immeasurable!

Thus, the bidding continued.

"One billion and 600 million!"


Everyone, including the spectators and the cultivators, was taken aback.

The price was incredibly high.

The entire hall fell into a dead silence for a while.

"Two billion!"

Austin did not wait any longer and raised the golden bidding paddle in his hand. His clear and distinct voice echoed in the hall.

"What? Is he nuts?

No! Why didn't he increase the price little by little?

Please just enjoy it! Don't make my heart jump right out of my throat!"

All the eyes were fixed on Austin in shock.

"How could it be possible? Two billion? Did I miss something? That guy?"

Alice was completely flabbergasted. She stared at Austin with a confused look.

"That bastard has two billion? Oh, please! I don't believe that for a second!"

The old fat man next to Alice sneered.

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