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   Chapter 3066 The Spirit Mountain

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7032

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All of a sudden, Austin realized that his spiritual sense seemed to have made its way into the vast world of the ancient Buddhist kingdom as he stared at the statue.

The place was littered with countless ancient statues and temples. Among them, many Buddhist statues were chanting various ancient Buddhist scriptures.

Numerous weapons and Buddhist treasures filled the air with overwhelming Buddhist power.

Clang, Clang...

The sound of Sanskrit bell echoed throughout the kingdom, washing the people with a wave of freshness and enlightenment.

Austin saw the vague figure of a mountain that towered above the clouds, emitting dazzling Buddhist light, and the Buddhist law power filled the air.

There were many devoted Buddhists all around the mountain.

Over the tall mountain gate, there was a plaque with two gilded words on it.

The plaque read "Spirit Mountain".

'Is... Is this the legendary Spirit Mountain?!'

Austin couldn't believe what he saw, and read the words again carefully. It indeed said the Spirit Mountain.

'So, this stone statue really has something to do with the legendary Spirit Mountain?'

Austin was both surprised and pleased.

Speaking of the holy Spirit Mountain, it was said that the Buddhas lived in the Thunder Temple located in the mountain.

Back then, when there were a lot of Buddhists living in the world, they journeyed to the Spirit Mountain on foot. Upon arriving, they worshiped the Buddhas, and listened to Buddhist scriptures.

However, it was said that when the Buddhas departed, the era of divine gods was over and the holy Spirit Mountain also disappeared.

Austin had practiced Buddhist omnipotent skill, so he knew little about Buddhist history.

'This little stone Buddha is worth auctioning.'

Austin made up his mind.

"The bidding for the little stone Buddha from the Spirit Mountain starts now.

The starting price is five million!"

the host announced.

However, the enthusiasm of the host was quickly washed over by a deafening silence. It seemed that no one was interested to bid for it.

Though, such

really think too highly of yourself! Your money is even less than one tenth of mine."

The fat old man was self-complacent for he had seen through Austin. He kept provoking him, hoping that Austin would retaliate.

"Honey, speaking of this, my wise choice back then was to abandon Austin and be with you.

He is nothing comparable to you. He's not even qualified to clean your shoes!"

Alice was cooperative and kept making sarcastic remarks.

The fat old man and Alice echoed one another.

All the people in the hall were eager to watch what would happen.

But to their dismay, Austin just sneered and didn't say anything.

He had lost his interest in those two already. For him, they were nobodies.

If he weren't on the Earth, he would have already slapped them to death.

Finally, the last article of the auction was presented.

On the exquisite tray, there was a piece of first-class red satin.

On the red satin, there was a frame of Buddha's bone which seemed glittering and translucent.

"Everyone, this Sarira is left by Buddha Hawley himself. It is the rarest treasure in the world.

The starting price is 50 million!

The adding price is no less than five million each time!"

the host announced in an excited tone.

Suddenly, the atmosphere of the whole auction house got heated up.

The bid price was raised up all the way, soon to one hundred million!

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