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   Chapter 3065 A Golden Bidding Paddle

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Suddenly, the crack of skin against skin rang out in the room as the manager flew a few meters from where he stood only seconds ago.

He had barely finished speaking when Austin hit him, and now he lay pitifully on the ground.

He groaned as he tried to get up on all fours, then screamed like a pig facing the butcher's knife.

"Guards! Summon the entire security team and seize that bastard!"

Almost a hundred uniformed men appeared in an instant, each of them carrying batons and Taser guns.

This was only to be expected, since this was one of the most prominent auction houses where very precious items regularly traded hands.

Naturally they always had a highly capable security team at the ready.

Most of the guards were mercenaries from all over the world, and had all gone through life threatening situations.

Their skills were not to be trifled with.

The men surrounded Austin and started to aggressively crown into his space.

Austin raised a hand in one abrupt motion.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, about two dozen of the armed men were shot off of their feet, flying a considerable distance away from Austin and knocking the others with the impact.

A dead silence fell over the room.

Everyone was visibly shocked at the strength he just displayed, having thrown several brawny men effortlessly as if he were merely swatting away flies.

The minds of ordinary people were having difficulty comprehending such a thing.

"Is he a superhuman?" came a hushed whisper among the mercenaries.

They eyed Austin suspiciously, as though they were discovering a monster in their midst.

The fat man and his cohorts regarded him with frightened eyes, not daring to take a step forward or say another word for fear of provoking him.

They weren't the only humans gawking at him, however.

The martial artists in attendance were also looking at him with apprehension and anxiety on their faces.

Among them, quiet remarks were also being exchanged. "Who on earth is he? When did such a terrifying master appear in the Brilliant Kingdom?"

"As far as I can remember, no such person exists."

"This man's identity is very suspicious indeed. Does anyone know of his background?"

In one corner of the hall stood two men, one of which was old and clad in black, while the other was of middle age and dressed ordinarily.

"Judging from what he just did, he would be powerful enough to have defeated Python," the middle aged man whispered.

"So you're saying this man was the one who killed Python?

Contact the head of the funeral home in Smile City immediately and send this bastard's portrait to confirm his identity.

Move, now!"

One of the warrior servants escorting them instantly left to carry out the old man's orders.

Meanwhile, Austin was slowly walking towards the manager.

He waved his hand in the air, and out of nowhere a golden bidding paddle landed square on the trembling man's face.

"Take a good look at what that is," Austin spoke coldly.

tart. And he had been keeping tabs on them since then.

A cruel smile crept into Austin's lips as he pretended to be unaware. He took a large bite of the lobster on his plate.

'They're most likely from the Divine Moon Sect. Just a while ago I was stressing out on how to find that damn sect. I can't believe they're popping out here, of all places, ' he thought.

Pretty soon, everyone was called to order, and the auction officially started.

All of the items up for bid were Buddhist treasures, all antique, including a Buddhist robe, a wooden fish, and a Buddhist bead.

Austin took care to examine each item using his spiritual sense, and discovered that some of them contained weak but genuine Buddhist energy.

They were undoubtedly real Buddhist treasures, but their power had waned with time.

If ordinary people were to obtain these items, they could do the owner some good to some degree.

People could even lengthen their lifespan by keeping the treasures in close contact with them.

But such items were of no use to the likes of Austin.

He himself was already brimming with power; what little Buddhist energy these things could offer were utterly worthless.

"The next Buddhist treasure," the auctioneer announced as the transactions went on.

"According to the retrieved records of ancient books, this was a treasure brought back by a great Buddhist monk who went on a pilgrimage to the Spirit Mountain in the west."

An old and graying little stone Buddha was brought out in a delicate tray and presented to the audience.

The crowd murmured their disappointment among themselves.

"It's just an ugly old statue. There's no way that's a treasure from the Spirit Mountain.""Where is the Sarira? Didn't you promise that the Sarira of Buddha Hawley would be auctioned?""That's right, we aren't interested on those cheap-looking stone statues!"

Austin, on the other hand, was staring at the stone statue with pleasant surprise.

'There's something strange about that thing.'

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