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   Chapter 3064 Making A Move

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It was true; the manager was well acquainted with the old man and, judging by his behavior, respected him a lot as well.

"There you are.

I just noticed that this young man was eating food reserved exclusively for the guests. I don't believe that is allowed in the auction house during working hours.

And as if that wasn't enough, he acted very rudely with me.

We are in your auction house for business, and an employee behaving like this is unacceptable.

I think you should fire this wretch right now!

I never want to see him again,"

the fat old man pointed at Austin and complained with a scowl.

"I will only say this once. Take your hand off me and don't you ever dare point at me again,"

Austin coldly responded, his eyes squinting with displeasure.

He was in no mood to argue with them.

In fact, considering Austin's current level of strength, if the fat man had provoked him into a fight directly, then he could even kill the latter with just a slap on the face. At the very least, he could make him permanently disabled.

But he did not do that. Deep in his mind, he was still cherishing the memory of his past from his college days.

The girl named Alice had stayed with him for three years during that time.

In fact, Austin was a man who cherished everyone around him very much. Therefore, he endured whatever was going on to the very best of his abilities, for Alice's sake.

However, the fat old man seemed in no mood to give up until he got what he wanted.

Moreover, he was constantly pointing at Austin. It was a seriously condescending and infuriating behavior.

"You son of a bitch! You are just a pauper. You know what? I'll keep pointing at you like this! Let's see what you can do!

You're dead to me!"

The fat man was furious now. He rushed towards Austin and poked the latter's nose with his finger, sneering as he did so.


Within a lightning flash, Austin's hand had moved and snapped the fat old man's finger. In the blink of an eye, his finger was broken. A little part of the skin could be seen hanging there with his broken finger!

"Yargh! You son of a bitch!"

Look at what he did! Argh!"

The fat man's face convulsed due to the pain. As he tried to roar at Austin's superiors, only groans came out.

"Austin, how dare you hurt my man! I am not going to let you go!"

Alice also screamed now.

She was afraid that the fat old man would blame her and cut off the cash he gave h

"The guy sneaked in here for free food! What sort of man does that?

I am telling you, youngsters today are so irresponsible!

There are always these idlers everywhere."

By that time, the entire auction house had been attracted to what was going on. The fat man's screams and the manager's call to the security guards had been enough. The public was now looking in their direction and starting to discuss with each other.

Just then, something unexpected happened.

Clap! Clap! Clap

Austin suddenly raised his hand and swung a palm at all the security guards who had come close.

The moment he began his attack, the eyes of everyone present there lit up. Especially those who knew something about martial arts. They could sense something unusual about this young man!

'Who is this man? He seems powerful!'

The martial artists at presence were secretly shocked.

As the saying goes, laymen watch the bustle while the insiders learn the ropes. The martial artists had experience in fighting and knew that if Austin had been confident enough to attack the security guards so easily, he must be very powerful indeed.

"You inhuman wretch! I never had any grudge against you, but you actually wanted to break my arms and legs. I'll teach you a lesson today!"

Austin stared at the captain of security guards coldly and stamped on him with his left foot several times over.

With just a few kicks, the captain's hands and feet were smashed into confetti. He was now screaming like a pig.

"Enough! Please stop! I've already called the police!"

The manager was furious and frightened. But there was nothing he could do.

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