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   Chapter 3061 Buddha Hawley's Relics

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Austin didn't waste any time and immediately started his interrogation the moment he'd taken the python to a secluded place.

"Where are the people of the Divine Moon Sect? Where is the location of their headquarters?"

The python stubbornly refused to cooperate, however.

"Brat, you had better let me go or you'll be regretting this very soon!"


Without a moment's hesitation, Austin snapped his fingers.

With his action, the huge python's tail was chopped off.

It writhed and wailed in pain, spurting its blood all over the place.

"You really want to die!" it screamed at Austin, its fury and fright evident in its eyes.


Austin snapped his fingers again, and the remainder of the python's body was once again chopped off at the end.

"Why are you doing this to me?" The python howled.


Its body was chopped of for the third time. At this point, only two thirds of its length remained.

"Just to make things clear," Austin said in a menacing tone, "this is your last chance.

Perhaps you'd like to answer my questions this time.

My next blow is going to be aimed at your head, you know."

The python's eyes widened in fear, and its writhing grew more urgent.

"Please don't, please! I'll answer your questions! I'll tell you everything I know! The headquarters of the Divine Moon Sect is–"

Before it could finish speaking, its head suddenly exploded.

Blood and flesh rained all around, and Austin could see that only half of the python's head remained attached to its body.

Or what was left of its body, after he had cut it thrice.

He stood there for a moment, staring at the bloody carcass.

He'd already understood what just happened, but that knowledge brought him neither comfort nor satisfaction.

He was now at an impasse.

'Someone obviously planted a restriction of some sorts inside its Soul Sea, to secure the memories and sensitive information that were held there.

Naturally, when the subject decides to divulge the protected information, the powers that restrained its Soul Sea would take measures to prevent the breach.

Well, in this case, it blew up the subject's head.

It's nothing I haven't heard of before, but I didn't expect that such a skill could be adopted here on Earth. How fascinating.'

As a matter of fact, Austin was capable of employing such a method himself.

He was just surprised that there was someone in this world who knew how to use it, especially since there were barely any spiritual energy and laws on Earth.

He gave a long-suffering sigh as he examined the carcass for the last time.

There went his last clue leading to the Divine Moon Sect.

He was counting on this lead, and now it was blown up to smithereens.

After thinking things over, he decided to return to the funera

walked down the neighborhood of this City, all sorts of emotions welled up inside him.

He was lost in his dark thoughts when a large displayed advertisement caught his eye from a corner of the street.

It was about an auction of Buddhist treasures, of precious items from ancient times.

It had a list, and among them the most eye-catching was a piece of Buddha's relics.

It was from Buddha Hawley, the advertisement said, one of the most important founding members of Buddhism.

It was without a doubt the highlight of the auction, the most valuable item up for bid.

Austin was appalled. 'There's no way they really have such an item. They must be dealing fakes.'

But then he saw that the organizer of this event was Cassede Auction House.

It was one of the most prominent auction houses in the world, and thus it couldn't possibly be willing to tarnish its own reputation by dealing with con items.

He began to toy with the possibility that the advertisement was not lying. 'All right then, let's go and have a look!'

It was said that the relics of a genuine Buddha could be unimaginably valuable and precious.

'If I'm lucky enough to get my hands on one of Buddha Hawley's relics, I need to think about what to use it for. Oh, the possibilities are endless!'

He had cultivated Buddhist omnipotent skills in the past, and Ivy and Sue both had Crystal Buddha Body, so he had always paid attention to all things Buddhism related.

He was heading cheerfully to the auction.

Meanwhile, over a hundred people had gathered around the carcass of a huge python at the outskirts of the city.

Among them was an old man clad in black.

"Look at this mess! Someone must have forced its hand and interrogated it, triggering the restriction on its Soul Sea and killing it eventually!"

The old man's face was then clouded with a complex emotion.

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