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   Chapter 3058 Cultivating All The Way

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Hearing this, Skylar got excited.

He knew that since the leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect had asked him to go with him to join the Martial Arts Contest, it meant that the sect leader had a high regard for him and valued him.

Although the Xu Clan in the southwest of Brilliant Kingdom was known far and wide for its excellence in martial arts, compared with the Heavenly Mountain Sect, it was much inferior when it came to strength and status.

Now, the Xu Clan had the Heavenly Mountain Sect on their side. With their help, there was no doubt that the status of the Xu Clan would be elevated.

In addition to two elders, the leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect had also personally sent out a group of disciples to help Skylar.

Together with the main forces of Xu Clan, they headed towards the Hume Province.

At this moment, Austin was sitting cross-legged in a cave deep below the surface of the earth, facing a huge dragon head which was in a translucent state.

Just a few days earlier, Austin had learned and mastered the Earth Exploring Technique from the mountain god he accidentally met. To further enhance his skill in this area, he had read a lot of ancient books about geomancy. With this newly added skill, Austin had made a great leap in the cultivation of Earth Exploring Technique.

About four days later.

As Austin was sitting cross-legged while cultivating, he suddenly opened his eyes and quickly made a strange gesture with his hands.


Austin murmured.

Immediately, streaks of yellow figures rushed out of Austin's palms and flew towards the huge dragon head.

While it appeared from afar as if he was going to attack the dragon, he was actually communicating with it.

Not long after, the earth dragon responded, and the huge dragon head began to shake slightly.

It wasn't only the dragon that began to shake but also the whole underground world where the dragon's actual body was kept hidden.

From a distance, the surrounding hills and mountains, as well as the houses on the nearby plains began to shake vigorously. Loose rocks had started rolling off the cliffs and hilltops. A few houses had their foundations reduced to loose beds of pulverized rock.

Besides, the shock was getting more and more violent.

"What's going on?" People were in a panic and did not know what was going on. Nor did they know where to run or what to do during and after.

"It's an earthquake! It's a fucking earthquake! Run for your lives! Get out of the office right now!"

As the people felt the massive and earth-shattering vibrations, they were so frightened that everyone rushed out of buildings as fast as their feet could carry them.

Back in the underground world, Austin still sat cross-legged, his hands swiftly making gestures non-stop, releasing yellow signs

City, he found that there was also an earth dragon there.

"It turns out that there is an earth dragon in the underground of each city.

It makes sense. The city contains the highest concentration of human beings, whether for short term or long term. Especially for some big cities with important positions, the earth dragon is the symbol of great luck and prosperity.

I believe that there is abundant earth energy in this place," Austin said to himself.

There was no doubt that for places with poor earth energy, there was no chance for them to develop into large cities.

At this moment, Austin sensed a huge earth dragon living deep beneath the city.

This earth dragon was also in a transparent state. If not for Austin, who had gotten good at the Earth Exploring Technique, no one would even remotely notice that it was there, under the ground.

This was the mystery of the earth dragon.

However, Austin found that the earth dragon in front of him was put there by some kind of skill. It was not staying there at will. Instead, it seemed to be trapped and unable to move for an unknown period of time.

'It could have been put there by the ancient Earth Master, ' Austin thought to himself.

In the ancient times, some cities would hire local Earth Masters to hold a sacrificial ceremony and trap an earth dragon.

In this manner, the earth dragon would remain quietly, deep within the earth and provide abundant energy and luck for the city.

"I think the skill is similar to the Dragon-trapping Skill."

He had spent half of a day studying the dragon, after which, Austin decided to stop.

"Well, it's time to find my body."

Austin emerged from a sewer of the city, discretely so as not to attract any unwanted attention.

After a series of inquiries, He was able to identify the location of the funeral parlor. Then he wasted no time going to it.

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