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   Chapter 3057 The Dragon-trapping Skill

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A moment later, Austin jumped down from the sky and dove into the earth under the mountains.

He took off running as soon as his feet touched the ground.

'What is that?' Something caught his eye as he sped past. 'A dragon condensed by Earth Energy?'

It was, indeed, a gigantic dragon, and it was lodged into the soil, hidden away in the depths of this underground world.

Its body stretched for as far as Austin could see.

Despite its size, it was near invisible to the naked eye considering that it was translucent.

It was only thanks to Austin's strong cultivation of Earth Energy that he was able to sense its presence at all.


Austin glided along the length of the dragon's humongous body.

It took over an hour before he finally reached the creature's head.


He stood there and examined his discovery with much interest.

He found himself inside a karst cave that was nestled deep underground.

It contained dazzling stalactites that varied in shapes, sizes, and colors.

A huge platform sat in the middle of the cave, and it was where the dragon lay its head.

Its eyes were closed, its breathing quiet, as though in slumber.

"This is quite a splendid view," Austin murmured to himself. "This earth dragon looks like it possesses a magnificently powerful force."

Very little light penetrated this far underground, and it bounced off the minerals that littered all around, providing an otherworldly glow to the cave.

If an ordinary person found this place by accident, they would probably be down on their knees immediately, making kowtows before the majestic dragon.

An energy was coursing through the place, and it whispered of the overwhelming powers this creature held.

But Austin was no longer the same mere mortal he used to be.

He himself possessed a mighty spiritual sense that bordered on the excessive.

Besides that, he also kept a spiritual dragon and a spiritual tree within his Soul Sea.

Considering all the magnificent treasures he had amassed in the past years, the sight of this enchanting creature was not so enchanting to him.

'I never expected to run into an earth dragon here. Well, I might as well grab this chance to practice the Dragon-trapping Skill.'

With his mind made up, Austin stepped up onto the platform and sat cross-legged next to the dragon's head.

The skill he was about to employ was a brilliant method among the Earth Exploring Technique.

If he mastered it, he'd be able to manipulate the creature and command it as he saw fit.

This creature was the earth's spiritual energy itself.

Once it had taken shape and form, it created a consciousness of its own, and developed the powers that genuine dragons usually possessed.

It had been collecting and nursing itself for millions of years, and bore the very essence of the earth.

ciples had clearly told him that we are with the Heavenly Mountain Sect, but that brat still did not hold back!

He has no regard for the prominence of our clan and your sect. Sir, please do something!

We cannot let him be after all that he's done."

Skylar was gritting his teeth as he waited for the leader's reply.

He was fully aware that if his presumptions about this Austin were true, then there was no one in the entire Xu Clan who would harm the brat.

He needed help from a greater and stronger power.

At this point, the Heavenly Mountain Sect was their last resort.

He wasn't going to let this opportunity pass; he was going to persuade the leader no matter what.

The battle with that brat not only took his men's lives, but dealt a huge humiliation to him and the Xu Clan.

If they failed to obtain revenge a second time, their status in the martial arts world would suffer greatly.

After a while of mulling things over, the leader in white finally spoke.

"You are right.

His blatant disregard of the titles of our sect and our allegiance only means that he does not take us seriously.

In the martial arts world in this country, no, in all of Earth, it matters little what sect one comes from – one must always honor our Heavenly Mountain Sect.

I will not such insolence pass; I shall pay him back for it. It is our business now."

He turned to Skylar then.

"Send for your men.

You will be given two elders of our sect to assist you in dealing with that arrogant young man.

You must leave right away and finish it as soon as possible.

A meeting will be held in Karakoram Mountain in a month.

All the sects will be sending their best hands to discuss important affairs and maybe practice martial arts together.

I do not intend to miss anything.

Since we are closely allied with each other, I am of course expecting you to be with us then."

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