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   Chapter 3056 Learning Feng Shui

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"The Earth Masters were gods!"

Austin exclaimed in utter shock.

When Austin lived on Earth back then, he had seen many Feng Shui masters in the Brilliant Kingdom. At that time, he heard things about site planning and birth-based horoscopes for fortune-telling, but knew little about them. He initially thought they were nothing but superstitions.

It was not until the mountain god had told him that he realized that such folk culture in the Brilliant Kingdom was created by the ancient divine gods.

Austin was in utter shock at the new information.

"Thank you so much, sir!" Austin said.

He planned to go back home and check his family.

"Young hero, do visit me again when you are free," the mountain god replied.

Then, he walked Austin out of the temple.

"I will. I was thinking, how about I build a new temple for you, sir?

It's not a big deal,"

Austin offered.

"Thank you for your kindness.

But I'm afraid any random temple is useless to my cultivation.

My former temple was surrounded with various ancient arrays.

They were made by the greatest array experts of the Heavenly Court.

Setting those up has been a long forgotten technique,"

the mountain god explained.

"I see.

After I take out Elliot and his minions, I will get your temple back,"

Austin promised.

"Thank you very much.

However, you have scared away Elliot and his men.

He must be hiding somewhere on Earth.

The odds of tracking them down are slim at best,"

the mountain god responded with a frustrated look on his face.

After all, his old temple was equipped with various ancient arrays. Without it, he could not collect the power of faith.

After saying goodbye to the mountain god, Austin did not immediately return to the upper ground.

Instead, he practiced the Ground-diving Skill that the mountain god had taught him.

"The Ground-diving Skill created by the ancient people is truly amazing!"

Austin remarked gladly.

His cultivation base had fallen to the premium stage of Earth Realm. It was impossible for him to unleash the Ground-diving Skills he had learnt before.

Before he mastered the skill, he would travel the underground relying s

astering this skill is to capture the dragon and to refine it.

If I just stay here, I will never be able to master it. I need to go out and put the theory into practice,"

Austin murmured as he stood up.

Then, he went out of his room and bid farewell to his family. He set out on a journey towards Smile City.

He had two purposes in mind. First, he wanted to go to the Smile City and see his dead body in order to find out the truth behind the car accident he had ten years ago.

Second, he wanted to practice the Earth Exploring Technique.

As soon as he left home, Austin activated the Omnipotent Lightness and headed for his destination.

After half a day's journey, he saw the tall mountains in front of him.

"Will there be a dragon made from Earth Energy over here? I'm going to have to take a look," Austin said with excitement.

Then, he jumped into the air and head towards the mountains. When he reached the mountain peak, he looked down to check the terrain cautiously.

Soon, he found the main mountain in that area.

"Whoa. What is that? Is it the earth energy dragon?"

Austin exclaimed as he was delighted at his new discovery.

The main mountain looked like a magnificent bird that had spread its cavernous wings. Its shape changed a little every moment as the earth energy dragon moved around it.

Austin carefully examined the main mountain according to his new found knowledge on Feng Shui and geography in his Soul Sea.

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