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   Chapter 3054 The Truth Behind Austin's Traveling Through Space

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"Then what happened to the divine gods? Did they perish here or leave for the legendary Gods' Hometown?"

A million questions flooded Austin's mind as he inquired the mountain god about these things.

'This man used to work for the Jade Emperor, the ruler of the Heavenly Court. Perhaps he knows the whereabouts of the divine gods.'

"Before the war came, people like us who were responsible for guarding the peace of the mortal world were sealed.

When we acquired freedom, things changed.

I keep in contact with the other mountain gods and we have been looking for the divine gods.

But until today, we haven't had any clue."

The mountain god sighed despondently.

"What are you saying? Do you mean there are other mountain gods aside from you?"

Austin felt his heart skipped a beat at this surprising new development.


There are quite a few mountain gods like me in the entire Brilliant Kingdom.

We live in the temples located in various places. This is where people go to worship us and make wishes.

Young man, I bet you know that the Earth has been deteriorating. The spiritual energy is drying up and the laws are incomplete. It is no longer a good place for cultivators.

Nowadays, collecting the power of faith through their worships has become the primary mode of cultivation,"

the mountain god explained.

"What? You cultivate by collecting the power of faith?

That's amazing!"

Austin exclaimed in utter astonishment.

Cultivation through the power of faith was a rare and clandestine method. Warriors from other universes seldom cultivated through this approach.

As far as Austin knew, only remarkable cultivators were able to do that.

The Taoist robe he had gotten in the Celestial Palace, the one he had left in Kevin's care, was the work of Peterson the Taoist Ancestor by studying the power of faith.

It was considered one of the most fatal weapons in the Immortal End World.

Only the outstanding figures in the Immortal World like Peterson the Taoist Ancestor were able to study the power of faith.

Most cultivators weren't even aware that such a method even existed.

Austin learned that he and the mountain god were at the same level—the premium stage of Earth Realm.

Even so, he surprisingly found that the mountain god had t

d the Divine Moon Sect and they were carrying out an experiment. Its members looked for the suitable targets, extracted their souls and sent the souls to the outer space through some secret methods.

The targets of these souls seemed to remember their former lives.

If these souls could successfully enter the outside world and manage to survive, they would do anything they could to come back.

The space where the Earth is located was full of traps and arrays left by the divine gods. The outsiders couldn't get in, and the creatures on the Earth couldn't go out either.

Rumor has it that the Divine Moon Sect was organized by a group of people. They aimed to leave the Earth to explore the outside world.

This organization had tried all kinds of methods to travel the outer space.

Is it possible that you were one of their targets?"

The mountain god was dumbfounded. He shot a look at Austin as if he was some form of a miracle.

"I can't believe it!"

As Austin listened to the mountain god's words, he was quite shaken.

'I died in a car crash and my soul traveled to the Prime Martial World. Does it mean that it is all a trap?

So I was just an experimental rat chosen by that Divine Moon Sect?' he wondered.

"It is said that in order to do this test, the Divine Moon Sect had selected at least hundreds of thousands of people from all over the Earth.

All these selected individuals perished in all kinds of accidents,"

the mountain god continued.

When he heard this, Austin's eyes turned sharp.

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