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   Chapter 3052 Trying Out The Heavenly Fighting Skill

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"What do you think, lad?" Elliot's tone was dulcet and oozing with persuasion.

"Do you want to become more powerful and dominate the three thousand big and small worlds?

I can make those ambitions come true once you join us."

A vague aura emerged from the magnificent god statue and drifted towards Austin.

In the next moment, the suspicious aura had penetrated into his Soul Sea.

His mind was thrown off its course, and he fell into a trance.

He started to regard Elliot's words with favor.

"Well, if what you say is true... Dominion over the three thousand big and small worlds doesn't sound so bad."

In his mind appeared a picture of himself standing at the top of the power hierarchy of all the worlds, with every creature accepting and worshiping his every command.

Then out of nowhere, Austin felt a nagging urge to kneel down in front of Elliot's statue and proclaim him as his supreme.

Then the spiritual tree in his Soul Sea began to shake violently, pulling Austin out of the extravagant fantasy that was clouding his brain. He sobered up immediately.

"How brilliant the illusory skill is!" he exclaimed.

'What the hell is this?'

He saw a tiny, almost transparent worm drifting inconspicuously in his Soul Sea.

Had it not been for his strong spiritual sense and the spiritual tree, he would have never noticed it.

It latched on next to Austin's spiritual soul and did a slow wriggling motion.

Creepy crimson tendrils crawled out if its body and tried to wrap themselves around Austin's spiritual soul.

'Well, it appears that the delusions I just experienced were because of this little parasite.

What kind of secret technique is this, I wonder.

It seems similar to the Puppet Strings of the spiritual race.

It's quite powerful.

To think that I got tricked by this method!

Ordinary creatures wouldn't be able to shake free of it if they were in my place.'

Austin took a moment to wonder at the worm, because it did deserve some credit for having been able to sway his thinking. Then he summoned the red threads out of his spiritual tree's trunk.

They were countless in number and densely packed, and they surrounded the worm in the blink of an eye.

The worm appeared to be thrown into panic at being cornered; it darted here and there in an attempt to escape, severing many of the red threads.

It had nowhere to run, and was soon under Austin's control.

"Hum? How could you find that?" the voice boomed from the statue of Elliot.

"You're quite a special lad!

Your fighting power has proven to be quite impressive, and now you've even managed to break free of

is time, a terrifying aura fell as he threw his spear once again.

All over the shrine, a series of explosions went off simultaneously.

It was as thousands of grenades were falling from the sky nonstop.

"Damn it! Everybody, retreat!" Elliot's statue hollered in panic. "We are all currently in the state of remnant souls! He is using the three moves of the Heavenly Fighting Skill; it's one of the most powerful techniques in divine fights, and can be extremely destructive to remnant souls!" It was a little too late for them, however.

The explosions were going off everywhere, and soon the evil spirits had nowhere left to run.

Their figures were blasted off to nothing, one after the other.

"Ha-ha! Are you guys feeling good?" Austin called out jovially.

"Ha! You're nothing more than broken souls from ancient times. How dare you wreak havoc and bully others? I will make you all disappear!"

"All of you," came Elliot's desperate command. "Go all out and activate the array to get rid of this bastard!"

He and the few remaining figures then burst into flames that exuded a horrible energy.

In a matter of seconds, the array of the ancient temple was completely activated.

A violent vibration thrummed through the air, and it gathered around Austin.

It was a powerful teleportation force, and it wrapped around him before throwing him out of the vicinity of the shrine.

His body slammed into the ground, and before he could get back up on his feet, the temple disappeared from sight.

There was nothing but a vacant patch of land before him.

Austin picked himself up and dusted his pants, and huffed in annoyance. "Humph! Those bastards actually escaped!"

He eyed the area where the temple once stood with cold eyes.

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