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   Chapter 3051 Elliot's Persuasion

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In the ancient times, Elliot was a fierce divine god.

Austin quickly moved his body and slapped the rest of the young men to death.

They were killed brutally while in the middle of displaying the Spirit-possessing Skill, just before they could borrow the powers of the spirits.

At this point, a dark red shadow with terrifying energy emerged from Elliot's statue and entered the old man's body.


Immediately, the elder's body started growing at a tremendous speed.

He grew taller with every second. In the blink of an eye, he became two meters tall, but not stopping there.

He kept growing and by the time he stopped, the old man had turned into a giant, about five meters tall, with dark red evil light fiercely moving all around him.

The giant had an angry bull for a head and ferocious wings on his back. All of a sudden, the single bull head grew two more in its sides making it a total of three. On his torso, he had a total of six muscular arms!

Austin recognized immediately that the giant looked exactly like Elliot.

That was to say, this giant in front of him could most likely be Elliot's avatar after being possessed.

Not wasting any time, the creature released a terrifyingly powerful energy, which twisted and distorted the surrounding space. The atmosphere coming in contact with vital energy started rolling and surging.

The temple was filled with the space law. With that, it was actually much larger than it appeared to be.

It could contain any creature up to a hundred meters tall or wide. A five-meter one would be nothing out of the ordinary.

"Hmm. He has grown stronger!"

Austin narrowed his eyes as he studied the tall creature.

In the past, it would have been easy work for Austin to take down a giant such as the one in front of him.

However, things were different at this point.

After experiencing the Regression when entering the Earth, Austin had lost most of his strength. His vital energy realm had dropped to the Earth Realm, and he could probably defeat cultivators at the Emperor Realm solely relying on his organic physical strength.

Although the power of his spiritual sense had not weakened, it was useless for him in a fight.

He could take advantage of the law power.

However, since the laws were still incomplete in the space where the Earth was located, the law power would still be significantly weaker even if he tried to use it.

Looking at the looming five meter giant about to come after him, Austin racked his brain and stressed out, trying to come up with a plan to defeat the oversized beast.

He initially thought that no one on Earth could be a match for him with the current state of his physical strength.

But with an unexpected twist of bad luck, he ran into this creature.


me before you use up your energy and vanish for good. What makes you think I am willing to serve under you, let alone be loyal to you? You are delusional,"

Austin snorted, challenging the giant.

Using his spiritual sense, he could tell that it was a broken soul that took refuge inside Elliot's statue.

It was such an old soul that had existed for much too long that it could release nothing more than a weak aura.

It was nearing its end and it was just a matter of time. It probably knew its fate and would be gone very soon.

"Kid, I warn you. You know nothing about my omnipotent skills.

You are right that I'm only a wisp of soul. But I can teach you an omnipotent skill. As long as you come here every day and worship me devoutly, you will be able to communicate with other fragments of my soul which are scattered in the depths of the Sea of Chaos using this skill.

As long as you don't give up and do as you are asked, there is a huge chance that the other parts of my soul would return to this world one by one.

The more parts of my soul that come back, the more power you will get.

You may become the most powerful being on this planet or even the universe in the very near future.

Think about it. You can even rule the three thousand big worlds and the three thousand small worlds."

Elliot's honey-tongued statue tried to entice Austin with flowery words and promises. But Austin could see through the poorly masked attempt.

'What did he just say ?!"

Austin was taken aback by these words.

"As long as people worship you devoutly, the rest of your soul will be able to return to this world ?!"

Austin asked, his brows knitted as something dawned on him.

'You've gotta be kidding me. So even though the famous Elliot got killed, his soul hasn't been destroyed? And now, he is even planning to come back to life?'

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