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   Chapter 3050 Elliot's Statue

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Earthy yellow law runes were released by the old ruler and spread in all directions.

Wherever the runes passed by, the space around them would become distorted.

With the old ruler in his hand, the yellow runes covered the surface of Austin's body. He then went straight into the array that was set up around the ancient temple and passed through without any scathe.

'The Layne's Ruler is indeed amazing. I can't believe it can outdo arrays at this kind of level, '

Austin thought, satisfied with its performance.

"How could this be?!"

A loud voice full of shock came from inside the old temple.

Austin walked up to the temple and kicked the door open without any hesitation. Then, he slowly entered through the wide-open doors.

If he hadn't taken out Layne's Ruler in time, he might have been wounded by the surrounding array.

With that, he didn't bother playing nice.

"Who on earth are you? How did you break in?

Aren't you afraid of being punished by our ancestor? You're making a huge mistake here, brat," an old man in his fifties shouted at Austin with a stern face.

He was dressed in a long robe with visible patterns of the eight diagrams on it. He strode towards the entrance and stopped a few feet away from Austin. A group of young men with murderous expressions on their faces followed the elder and stayed behind him. They scattered and formed a line to prevent Austin from barging in further.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense and found out that they were all mortals. Therefore, he didn't even bother to cast them a second glance.

In his mind, he knew that these people could do him no harm.

Austin looked around and calculated that the temple occupied about forty square meters. It wasn't much of a big temple compared to what he had in mind.

Moreover, he saw that there were three halls inside it. A tall statue which was placed on a table at the main hall caught his attention—a scary-looking deity that had three heads and six arms with wings.

'Is that… Elliot?!'

At first glance, Austin already recognized the ferocious-looking deity.

As a matter of fact, there were only a few temples in the Brilliant Kingdom that were devoted to worshipping Elliot because of his frightening appearance. Only some minority groups which were rumored to be the offspring of Elliot built temples to worship him. These people mostly lived in the southwestern part of Brilliant Kingdom.

Austin couldn't believe that he would run into one of this temples in the wilderne

same time.

When they were quickly approaching, Austin hit their heads with his right hand.

As they got hit, the young men died on the spot as their heads were smashed open.

Austin didn't bother to spare their lives for he sensed that an evil spiritual soul mark had already been implanted inside them.

When they employed the Spirit-possessing Skill, the spiritual soul mark was activated and interacted with the eighty-two statues. The evil energy inside the statues then entered inside their bodies.

This was how the Spirit-possessing Skill worked.

The more surprising thing was, Austin found out that the evil spiritual soul mark had already rooted in their spiritual souls, thus it couldn't be erased anymore.

It meant that if he let them live, they would gradually become more evil and would eventually hurt more people.

"How dare you lay a hand on my men?!

Let's perform the Spirit-possessing Skill all at once and take out this brat!"

the elder yelled in fury.

He and the rest of the young men began to perform the Spirit-possessing Skill.

Then, the elder ran and kneeled in front of Elliot's statue.

"Almighty Elliot, please lend me your strength to vanquish this person who dares to defile your temple and your disciples!" he shouted as he bowed down to the statue.

After a few seconds, Elliot's statue began shaking violently and emitted golden lights.

'Seriously? This old man can conjure Elliot's strength?'

Austin was quite surprised that a wrinkle was formed on his forehead.

After all, legends said that Elliot was remarkably powerful.

Even Emperor Haidar thought highly of him and referred to him as the God of War.

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