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   Chapter 3049 The Ancient Temple Of Elliot

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7879

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The man was extremely fearful of Austin, so he answered every question Austin asked.

With the man's guidance, they arrived at an isolated mountain about ten miles away from the town.

In the wilderness, they found an old-looking temple.

"My master usually stays and practices his martial arts in this place. We come here so we can learn martial arts from him,"

the man said nervously.

'How can there be a temple in this kind of place?

Besides, there's not even a hint of positive energy in this temple. All I can sense is the strong aura of evil, '

Austin thought to himself.

Despite his distance from the temple, Austin's spiritual sense was capable of perceiving anything in it.


Austin hit the man's head with his hand and released the Scorching Evil Fire. With the rolls of flames, the man's body was quickly burned to ashes.

A moment ago, Austin heard a conversation from the group of people that included the man he just killed. They were not only planning on grabbing his money but also decided to kill his whole family. After they executed their plan, they were going to get rid of all pieces of evidence by destroying their bodies.

Upon hearing that, Austin felt enraged and came after them to show no mercy.

Moreover, these people had the Spirit-possessing Skill and were powerful. If they continued to exist, more people would be in danger and might end up being killed by them.

After Austin killed the man, he moved towards the temple deep into the remote area of the mountain.

In just a few seconds, Austin arrived in front of the temple.

It seemed that the temple had been there for many years. The paints on its walls had been severely worn out that no one could know its original color.

Despite that, the temple was kept clean. The threshold was stamped smoothly, and it seemed that several people were visiting the place often.

All of a sudden, Austin stood alert as he felt that a spiritual sense, coming from the temple, was aimed at him.

Moreover, it was a powerful one.

'There's something unusual in this temple.'

Austin was surprised and thrilled at the same time.

The Earth was nearing the end of the cultivation era, and it was difficult for living beings to cultivate themselves.

However, inside the temple was someone who possessed a strong spiritual sense. Austi

rds and spears.

Moreover, he had eighty-one loyal followers. All of them had tough bodies and were known for having eight arms and nine toes. These followers also had an outstanding fighting ability.

"Is this place Elliot's holy shrine?"

Austin was amazed as he didn't expect that he would see it in this kind of place.

He contemplated for a while and took out an old wooden ruler.

It was the Layne's Ruler. Austin obtained it as a prize when he won first place in the first round of the trial back in the Primordial Road.

The most impressive feat of the Layne's Ruler was that it could be used to conquer all kinds of arrays, including the most complex and the most dangerous ones. Almost all arrays would be rendered useless in front of it.

"Well, I guess I can try using the Layne's Ruler and see whether it can break this one," Austin said in a hopeful tone.

Austin held the ruler in his hand and walked towards the temple.

Since he had obtained the ruler, he never had the chance to use it against powerful arrays. It was the perfect opportunity to make use of it.


Austin reached the temple again in a split second.


The temple burst out more dazzling demonic lights as the array emitted terrifying energy directed at Austin.

He was amazed that an array like this existed in such a backward planet.

Austin estimated that even a golden immortal would not be able to cope up with this kind of array.

However, with the power of the Layne's Ruler in his hand, he might have had a huge chance of overcoming it.

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