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   Chapter 3047 Austin Told His Family The Truth

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10545

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They went back home after that.

"Austin, what the hell is going on! Tell us the truth!"

Suddenly, his parents were yelling at Austin.

"Dad, Mom, please let me explain..."

Looking at his parents' faces that were full of worry and concern, Austin knew that it was time to tell them the whole truth. There was no point hiding it from them anymore.

"Austin, actually I have been wanting to ask you for a long time. Ten years ago, after you had a car accident in Smile City, I arrived at the funeral home of Smile City and saw your dead body.

Your body has been kept in the funeral home of Smile City since then.

And now you just suddenly came back. This is beyond surprising. I am at a loss for words and can't even begin to describe the overwhelming feeling that we have right now. We are overjoyed, relieved and terrified at the same time!

I actually asked for three days' leave and went to Smile City. Then I saw your dead body at the mortuary of the funeral home there.

When I came back, I didn't dare to ask you the reason because I was afraid all of this was not true.

I was afraid that this was just a dream.

Now, Austin, you should explain what happened to us,"

Austin's brother, Chad, standing beside them, said slowly after taking a deep breath.

"What? Austin's dead body is still lying in a funeral home in Smile City?" Austin's parents were completely shocked by Chad's words. "But Austin, you are standing in front of us now..."

Completely confused, they turned to Austin.

"Austin, you're not a ghost, are you? Or maybe you are? You came back to keep us company because you miss us so much, right?"

His mother's eyes also turned red.

"Really? After the car accident, my body was kept in the funeral home of Smile City for that long?

How come? Why didn't you cremate my body?

Tell me, Chad!"

Austin felt that something was amiss.

"Actually, I did, request that.

But everything happened so fast. Back then, I gave instructions to cremate your body so that I could bring your ashes back to our hometown and our family could grieve.

However, some weird and mysterious people came to me, saying that your car accident case had many questionable points. In order to conduct a thorough investigation, your body couldn't be cremated at the time.

They gave me some money to keep me quiet. They specifically instructed that I couldn't tell anyone about it.

Within the past ten years, I went to Smile City several times. I wanted to fulfill my duty and have your body cremated, so that you could finally rest in peace. Also, our family needed a sense of closure. So it was the right thing to do. But I failed every time,"

Chad said slowly while trying to recall every detail as much as he could.

"Right. Okay."

Austin nodded.

His intuition was telling him that something was wrong.

Back then, after getting drunk, he lost all control and reason, and without thinking, he rushed out to the middle of the road. That was how he got run over by a fast-approaching vehicle. Although it was tragic, it was nothing out of the ordinary. Countless people around the world died every

t three divine pills from his Space Ring, gave one to each of his parents and his older brother. He used his vital energy to help them digest the pills.

The energy contained in the three divine pills was so terrifying that if ordinary people took them directly, they would be blown to pieces in an instant.

After the three absorbed the three divine pills, the physical quality of his parents and his brother soared sharply!

The energy in their bodies was surging and causing a loud bang from time to time, as if there were a great river rushing inside their bodies.

Now, they had the strength of ten thousand pounds if they threw out a punch!

Then, according to his parents' physical characteristics, Austin taught them three brilliant vital energy refining skills.

Whether they agreed to leave the Earth with him or not, he would help them step on the road of cultivation.

Only by cultivating and changing their lives, could they prolong their own lifetime infinitely.

Austin didn't want to see his family getting old or even die after one or two hundred years.

After he had taught them the vital energy refining skills, Austin transmitted waves of powerful vital energy essence of the spiritual tree in their Soul Seas.

All of a sudden, the spiritual soul energy of his parents and his elder brother had risen sharply!

Not only that, some spiritual sense even appeared in their individual soul seas!

"Dad, Chad, it is best that you both resign from your jobs.

The three of you should focus on your cultivation at home from now on.

Next, I plan to leave home and go around the world to find the secrets hidden on this planet,"

Austin said.

Austin took out a few Space Rings and gave them to his family.

The three Space Rings were already full of cultivation resources. Austin's family did not need to start from an empty slate.

On this planet, the Earth, spiritual energy had almost been exhausted.

However, Austin had brought back a huge amount of cultivation resources, which were enough to support the family to a certain level of cultivation.

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