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   Chapter 3045 A Billionaire (Part One)

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Fifty million!

As soon as the waiter announced the number, everyone was dumbfounded, including Austin's parents and elder brother.

"That... No, that is impossible. You must have made a mistake!

These people are penniless! How could they have fifty million dollars in their bank account?"

Aunty Afra stammered. She was at a loss for words, clutching her chest for this unexpected turn of events.

"Recheck it!"

The manager of the restaurant urged the waiter to investigate this matter further, in case anything went amiss.

The waiter complied, and to his surprise, the number that reflected on the screen of the POS terminal was accurate. The waiter rubbed his eyes to check if he indeed saw the whole thing right—and it was! The number displayed on the screen was longer than a cellphone number.

"I am not mistaken. The balance of this bank card is indeed fifty million!"

The waiter couldn't peel his eyes off the screen of the POS terminal. He wanted to doubt the outrageous amount that appeared, but he checked it several times, and it remained the same number. These people were wealthy!

"What? Fifty million?"

Everyone in the room, including Austin's parents and Chad, was stunned to the core.

"No! I don't believe it!

You must have made a mistake!"

Aunty Afra protested like a madwoman.

Of course, she had every reason to doubt this preposterous claim. After all, she personally confirmed herself that the Lin family were paupers a few moments ago.

These people, who she claimed as "paupers", actually owned fifty million dollars on their bank account! She truly despised them to the core.

"What the hell, Aunty Afra? You told me they were poor, and they would listen to whatever I ordered them to do! What's this whole thing about?"

Kate slammed her fists at the table. She felt like she was duped.

"Are you sure this is correct?" the manager once again asked the waiter. He was having a hard time accepting this as well so he looked

he bank cards was approximately two hundred million dollars!

Austin was a billionaire? That was unbelievable!

They found it unimaginable and absurd that all this was true. Something felt amiss for them.

Austin was just an unassuming guy that they looked down on a few moments ago. They all thought that he had nothing with him. But now, pieces of evidence had shown that he was indeed an affluent person. This sudden change in perspective towards him was too much to handle!

Even Austin's parents and elder brother had their mouth agape. Their hearts thumped violently for the unbelievable fact.

"Tell me. Is this a dream?"

Austin's mother muttered to her husband with a wry smile on her face.

She was not elated with this discovery. Instead, she felt a little apprehensive about it. She couldn't imagine this happening in real life—her life! This felt too good to be true. Something must be off!

Her younger son had been missing for ten years, but all of a sudden, he came back out of nowhere. That whole thing was a mystery in itself. Doubts and suspicions swirled in her mind about her son's disappearance and sudden return. To top it all off, he had way too many bank cards with him, each of them having an exorbitant amount. Anyone would find these chains of events scary, or suspicious, at least.

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