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   Chapter 3044 The Balance Of The Bank Card

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At that moment, Ford's whole body was puffing up like a balloon.

Soon, he turned into a strong and massive giant, more than two meters high, that released an evil and malicious aura.

He looked like a demon that had just crawled out of the deep darkness of hell.

All of a sudden, Ford took a leap and launched his fist attack towards Austin in a flash.

The powerful force tore the air apart and there was a weird sound of whining from his fist.

If that punch hit an ordinary person, the result would be horrendous.


Austin's parents and elder brother were shocked.

"Ford, beat that bastard to death!"

Kate and Afra were overjoyed to see such a scene.

Austin gently stretched out his hand and grabbed Ford's fist that was about to hit him.

All of a sudden, Ford felt that his fist was tightly clamped by an iron grasp, and that he was unable to move.

"How dare you! Master, please show yourself and help me!"

Ford was so furious that his face had turned red and thick blue veins had started to bulge out of his neck.

Austin's physical strength was so great that no one could defeat him, even if Ford could summon a demon or a monster.

Ford only managed to invite a mysterious force to help him, and that was far from enough.

'What? I thought the Spirit-possessing Skill was only a story. I didn't expect it to be true...'

Austin was curious. Grabbing Ford's hand tightly, he released his spiritual sense to detect the evil energy around Ford.

"Die!" Ford roared.

Austin felt a wave of malignant energy with infinite killing intent spread, while gusts of wind and dark clouds started to surge toward him.


Austin sneered as he launched his counterattack directly towards the evil energy.


Suddenly, a deafening explosion rang out in Ford's body. In an instant, the evil energy inside him shattered under Austin's ferocious physical strength attack.

There were even faint horrifying grumbles of unwillingness.


Ford's body suddenly shrank like a balloon being punctured.

"What? You actually destroyed my Spirit-possessing Skill!"

Ford snarled in disbelief. He collapsed on the floor and glared at Austin with utmost terror.

He had defeated many martial arts masters in the past using the Spirit-possessing Skill.

But he could not believe that Austin had annihilated his most precious skill so easily.

"My master will kill you! He can invite a powerful ancestral being to help me!"

Ford shouted while he gritted hi


However, he would never allow anyone to humiliate his family like that.

"What are you looking at, you little bastard?"

Afra and Kate scoffed.

"Answer me. Will you eat the tables and chairs if we are able to give the hundred thousand dollars?"

Austin asked coldly.

"That's right! We'll both do it.

I'll even eat the napkins and chopsticks!

You can fool others about your economic condition, but not me!

I know you don't have a single dime to your name!"

Afra taunted Austin and his family.

"Yeah, I know you can't afford that kind of money! You poor scoundrels!"

Kate also screamed.

"All right. Bring the POS machine here,"

Austin said to the manager of the Luxury Restaurant.

"Are you really going to pay for it? Okay. You, get a POS machine here,"

the manager said to a waiter behind him. It was a win-win situation for him. He couldn't be happier if Austin would be able to pay for it.

Then, the waiter brought the POS machine.

"Check the balance of this card first."

Austin handed a bank card to the waiter.

"You little bastard, stop playing tricks. You'll know the consequences when you can't afford it."

Afra sneered and did not believe that Austin had the money to pay.

She had known Austin's mother for years, so she knew very well the financial condition of his family.

The waiter took Austin's card and inserted it into the POS machine. Then, he let Austin input the password.

A long number then appeared on the machine.

"What?!" the waiter blurted out.

He was stunned, and couldn't believe his eyes.

"It says here that you have fifty million dollars in this card..."

said the waiter.

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