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   Chapter 3043 The Spirit-possessing Skill

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"Afra, why do you even bother explaining to them? They're just a bunch of poor guys anyway.

Yeah, you're right. So what if I came here to swindle money out of you?

And wow, you really dared to pour tea on me. You better watch your back, because I won't let you get away," Kate daunted as she quickly got up.

She even tried to scratch Austin's face with her long fingernails.

Kate looked down on Austin and his family just because they were poor. This was enough reason for her to get back at them for bullying her.

Controlling his mind, Austin unleashed a wisp of his vital energy.

Kate was thrown into the air and fell into the table when she got hit.

It created quite a mess as the tableware broke when they tumbled to the ground, and tea splashed all over the place.

"Ow! You have the nerve to hit me, huh? You're dead meat!" Kate yelled furiously as she struggled to get up.

When she got the chance, she took out her phone and dialed a series of numbers.

"Ford, I need your help. Some jackass just beat me,"

she grumbled, clutching the phone on her ear.

In his mind, Austin was sneering that he did not even worry about taking her phone.

"Seriously? I thought you were just poor. It turns out your son even lacks manners. How rude!"

Afra yelled at Austin's mother.

Austin's parents and his brother were all dumbfounded by what they had just witnessed. They thought Austin had already gone too far when they saw him spill the tea on Kate, but catching sight of the ruckus they made confounded them.

However, they eventually found out that Afra and Kate were up to something.

When they heard what Kate said and noticed her indifferent attitude towards them, they realized what was really going on.

"Afra, tell me the truth. You brought Kate here because you tried to swindle our money, didn't you? All of this is just a setup!"

Austin's mother grilled Afra in a very displeased tone.

"Okay, fine—yes, that's right, and now I have nothing else to say to you,"

Afra admitted without any hint of remorse.

"This is going too far. I have been nice to you and even gave you over two thousand dollars in hopes that you can introduce a nice girl to Chad.

I can't believe that you tried to trick me into giving you money!"

Austin's mother was shaking violently as she pointed her finger at Afra.

"Are you joking? Is your brain not functioning well?

To help cure your husband, you sold your house in town and now live a small bungalow in a remote suburb.

Your family is stinking poor. Do you really think that there's a decent girl who would be willing to marry your son?

Stop daydreaming and accept the fact!

Both of your sons will spend the rest of their lives alone,"

Afra stated some harsh words.

"How dare you… Is that enough reason for you to lie to my face?"

Austin's mother was too angry to say another word after that.

"Since you came to ask me for help, why would I miss the chance to make a fool out of you?" Afra snapped with a sneer.

She didn't fe

urmuring something.

"Don't tell me… Is that a Spirit-possessing Skill?"

Since he was born on Earth, Austin immediately recognized the technique that Ford was displaying.

The Spirit-possessing Skill was a way to invite some powerful spirits to take over the body of the one performing it.

It was said that some skillful people could summon various kinds of supernatural beings and let these spirits control them. That way, they could gain infinite power and physical strength.

Most people regarded this practice as a mere superstitious activity and didn't give it too much credit.

Austin was amused. He also didn't believe that such a skill really existed.

A few moments later, Austin felt the ground under his feet shake vigorously.

Austin's eyes narrowed and he heightened his senses. He stared at Ford as he sensed that he was accumulating strong energy.

Each time Ford stomped his foot, the floor would tremble violently.

"Oh my God! It's an earthquake!"

The guests in the Luxury Restaurant, particularly those on the third floor, were starting to panic.

"Go to hell, brat!" Ford yelled.

As he raised his head, his eyes turned red. He stared at Austin as if a wild animal was hunting its prey.

'What's going on? How could he conjure such a mysterious and powerful evil energy?

Moreover, this evil energy seemed to be very conscious.

It looks like the rumors regarding the Spirit-possessing Skill were true.

It might be a unique kind of a secret summoning skill.'

Austin stared back at Ford with a straight face.

With his tremendous strength, some evil energy wouldn't scare him at all.

"Hey brat, are you about to wet your pants? Don't act so tough now. I have asked a great master to possess me. You're going to be dead meat soon!"

Ford walked towards Austin with a sinister smile and bloodthirsty eyes.

He clenched his fists as loud sounds could be heard coming from inside his body. He looked very different from before, as he was being drenched with great power.

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