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   Chapter 3041 Ready For A Blind Date (Part Two)

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The leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect stood up and announced. His voice joyously boomed throughout the entire hall.

"This is great news, sir!"

All the people around were excited. They applauded and roared with joy.

In fact, the cultivators had a hunch that this was truly the case. It was of great significance that such a remark was uttered and confirmed by the sect leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect. No one would suspected the validity of the words of such a renowned person.

Everyone in the hall became even more excited.

"Let me tell you a secret.

There are many ancient books in our Heavenly Mountain Sect's library, which have been passed down for ages in our possession.

According to the records of those ancient books, cultivators in ancient times were very powerful. They could break stones with bare hand, fly across the seas and even crack the ground.

Some say that there were some great martial arts masters who were able to travel through spaces in universe and pick up stars and the moon!

Back then, any imperial power was as weak as an ant in the cultivators' eyes!

The cultivators were the true rulers of this planet at that time!"

the leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect uttered slowly in an admirable tone.

Everybody in the hall let out a long breath in disbelief!

'How could that be possible?' They all questioned this in their minds. All this information was quite had for them to ingest immediately.

Most people in the hall wore expressions of shock and disbelief on their faces at the words of the Heavenly Mountain Sect's leader. They were so stunned that they were in a total statement of shock, unable to breath for the time being.

"Sir, I believe those extremely strong people could break stones with their bare hands. But isn't it too exaggerated that cultivators in ancient times could even fly across the seas and crack the ground?


to obey her request.

Their family had now owned a fortune of 2.5 billion, although they hadn't yet know they were that rich. Austin believed that with that fortune, Chad could pick any girl he loved as his wife.

Since his mother demanded him accompany them, he decided not to turn her down.

Chad tidied himself up carefully and got fully prepared for the blind date. He even went to the barber's to get the most fashionable hair style.

Then, the whole family went out for the blind date.

The rendezvous was arranged at the Luxury Restaurant.

In their small county, the Luxury Restaurant was actually considered very high-end.

It was erected in the center of the town square, a famous business in the catering industry of this small county. It was a building of five story, luxuriously decorated like a palace.

The consumption in the Luxury Restaurant was expensive. A simple vegetarian dish in the Luxury Restaurant would cost at least several hundred bucks, with which one could actually buy a whole lot of vegetables from the market.

The whole family of Lin waited in a private room. Except Austin, all the three others were a little nervous.

Chad felt flustered especially. He had to take deep breaths from time to time to calm himself down.

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