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   Chapter 3040 Ready For A Blind Date (Part One)

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The Heavenly Mountain was located in the far western region of the Brilliant Kingdom where Austin lived.

The mountains around it lay in a zigzag line as the spine of the land. It was as if long ago, it was a colossal dragon that lied down and slept. The range was high to the west and low to the east, curling at the end like a tail.

The Heavenly Mountain was extremely high, towering into the clouds. The weather was cold, and the air was very thin. Due to its unique ecological environment, natural scenery on this huge mountain was spectacular and different from other mountains.

The mountains here were covered with a rug of trees, green, yellow, scarlet and orange, but their bare tops were scarfed with snow. The mountains soared into the air, trapping the glistening sun behind them. It looked like a picture that you would find in a book; a snow-glazed alpine scene, intercepted by vast stretches of the grassland.

Their snow-capped peaks towered among clouds like rows of pillars made of white jade between heaven and earth. It was a sensational scene to behold!

Atop one of the snow-covered peaks, there was a high mountain grassland, which was rare to see on a snow mountain. It was as green as any grassland on low altitude!

It was extremely odd, as most part of the Heavenly Mountain was covered by thick snow all year round. So it was unusual to see a green grassland on the snow-covered mountain, especially on the peak.

However, this was not the only peculiarity of this place.

Surprisingly, there was an ancient city in this high mountain grassland!

It was a large ancient city with a complete structure that all ancient cities would have: four high gates on its four walls, magnificent palaces, huge squares and a large number of wells for daily use. It had all the requirements it needed as one could see in all other ancient cities.

The city was busy, bustling with people clad in

he hall was the sect leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect.

He was famous in the martial world of Brilliant Kingdom for his excellent marital skills!

Today, all the top leaders of the Heavenly Mountain Sect and the leaders of all the other sects and clans relying on the force of the Heavenly Mountain Sect gathered here to hold an important meeting.

"Well, I have spoken with the leaders of several major sects and clans. We all believe that the abnormal visions in various sacred temples and the renewal of spiritual energy between heaven and earth are good signs. This means that Earth will witness the prime time for our world of martial arts!

It's well known that in the ancient times, Earth was full of martial arts cultivators. They practiced and improved their martial arts and earned their reputations through their combat abilities. Their great achievements and high abilities shocked the whole world!

Now, we are finally seeing good signs in nature. The environment is changing for the better, and is becoming more and more suitable for us to cultivate. As long as our cultivators can get stronger and stronger, perhaps in the near future, we can be as powerful as our predecessors in the ancient times and regain the names for the cultivators in the world!"

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