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   Chapter 3039 Setting Up A Foreign Bank Account

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The old man who understood everything that Austin meant was aghast as well.

He was not expecting this young man to have such an appetite for wealth, to the point that he wanted half of the Xu Clan's property!

"Hmm?" Austin said in a cold mocking voice after a while of silent shock from his audience. "Didn't you brag that you could fulfill my requirement, no matter what it is?

Do you mean to go back on your word? Because if that's the case then I will have no choice but to kill you all."

A chill descended upon the yard.

Given Austin's strength, he could easily manipulate the temperature of a small area.

In a matter of moments, a harsh, cold wind was blowing and howling across the yard.

The members of the Xu Clan were shivering in their clothes, their faces turning pale as their bodies froze so slowly.

As the magnitude of Austin's capabilities finally dawned on them, no one dared to voice their protests out loud.

They were all thinking the same thing: this man was a demon!

"Please do not be angry with us, sir!"

The old man was trembling as he cried out.

"We will meet your terms!"

Money was important, of course, but there would be no point to their wealth if they all ended up dead there and then.

They all knew Austin was not bluffing.

He really would annihilate anyone who displeased him.

"Now, are you absolutely sure?"

Austin replied, his cold smirk still in place.

"Yes, yes," the old man was nodding vigorously, eventually bowing low to the young man.

"As long as you spare our lives."

"All right, it's settled then.

I will give you one day to sort out all the assets belonging to the Xu Clan.

I want half of all the property transferred under my name.

I will come back tomorrow to seal our deal."

The Xu Clan might have a considerably huge amount of property to go over with, but Austin was confident that they'd be able to hire a professional team to work overtime and meet his deadline.

One day should be enough.

"Sir," the old man spoke, and Austin could tell he was gritting himself for what he was about to say.

"Can you promise that once the assets are in your possession, you will never again bother the Xu Clan?"

"That's right. The old grudges between your clan and me will be written off.

If you make the mistake of messing with me again in the future, however, then that's a different matter altogether.

You best remember it."

It was a thinly veiled threat, and everyone was only eager to acquiesce.

"Yes, yes, understood." The old man was nodding vigorously again.

Austin said nothing more

r lawyers.

The representatives of the local branch of a foreign bank in the Brilliant Kingdom were also present.

It took them a whole day and a half to finally complete the arrangements.

The Xu Clan was pretty influential in the provincial capital, after all, seeing as how the procedures went smoothly.

In the end, Austin was given a new bank card.

He nodded with satisfaction, and then disappeared in his usual fashion.

When he was gone, the entire yard breathed a collective sigh of relief.

"That demon has finally left!"

Then their thoughts began to move towards a different direction.

"Damn it!

We're in really deep trouble all because of Titus and his son!"

Everyone was murmuring their curses to themselves as they slowly got back to their lives, or what was left of it anyway.

Meanwhile, after Austin disappeared in the Xu Clan's Villa, he used the Space Ship to transport himself back to his hometown.

When he left home, he carried with him only the several thousand dollars that his mother gave him.

Now he was returning with 2.5 billion dollars to his name.

Not that it meant much to him.

After all, he once had the wealth and resources of the entire Fallen Immortal Cosmos at his disposal.

He could enjoy it all for as long as he liked.

Compared to the abundance waiting for him in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, 2.5 billion dollars wasn't even worth mentioning.

Nevertheless, Austin decided he would enjoy this money with his family.

It was as much a fruit of his labor as anything else he had.

The shadow of his hometown soon loomed over the horizon.

Austin was finally back home, and moments later he was stepping merrily along the streets leading back to his family.

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