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   Chapter 3037 Too Weak (Part Two)

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The young man in front of him was not stout. He was too thin and slim to be a great fighter. Moreover, they could not sense any fluctuation of energy coming from him.

"Ha-ha! That's too funny!

This whole time that we've been sat here, I've been trying to picture who could possibly want to find his fame by finding fault with the Xu Clan from the southwest, and I guessed that it must be someone from a major sect or a big martial arts clan.

It never occurred to me that it's just a young boy!

Sirs, I have participated in two sessions of the martial arts contest, so I have seen all the outstanding figures from every sect and clan in our country.

I'm especially impressed by the young talents of those most powerful sects and clans. I remember them very well.

But this brat, I've never seen him in my life!

He clearly doesn't have any one else supporting him.

As far as I'm concerned, he is just a lone wolf that has lost his way,"

a young man in white robe said, walking out from behind the three elders. His words were full of mockery and spite, and he finished them by laughing wildly as if he had witnessed the most ridiculous thing under heaven.

Unlike Austin, the young man in white robe looked extraordinarily strong. Even his smile was arrogant and sinful.

He was the most gifted young man among the younger generation of the Xu Clan in the southwest.

When the three elders' gazes landed on him, they softened.

"Really? You are sure that that young man doesn't come from any of the major sects or clans?"

After the young man in the white robe had finished speaking, the three elders and a


"One strike is enough for me to kill you.

Go to hell!"

the young man in the white robe roared furiously. He then rushed towards Austin and leapt into the air. He flew like a panther and aimed to punch Austin straight in the chest.

His muscled arm retracted and the power behind the blow was so intense that the sound of it flying through the air was audible.

Austin shook his head at the young man's attack. With a flicking movement of his fingers, a wisp of weak vital energy was released.


Just as fast as it had all started, it was over. The young man was flung backwards through the air like a bullet.

He crashed into the opposite wall and passed out without the time to moan.

"What's happening? My god! That's unbelievable! Is the fight... over?"

All the people of the Xu Clan from the southwest in the courtyard were stupefied with their mouths open in shock. They kept looking back and forth between the unconscious young man and Austin, but they couldn't figure out what had happened.

The three elders had even jumped up from their chairs.

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