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   Chapter 3035 The Xu Clan In The Southwest

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"How about we call the police?

With the Xu Clan's influence in the polity, we can surely summon members from the police force and make use of them to deal with that brat.

No matter how powerful that brat is, I bet he won't stand a chance against such a public power!"

a young man said to an old man of the Xu Clan.

However, before the young man could finish his sentence, he was smacked by the old man. His face turned red, and a palm-shaped bulge appeared on his left cheek.

"Use your head. No matter what happens, the local government will turn a blind eye as long as it has something to do with powerful martial artists and their clans.

That guy is apparently a martial arts master with a terrifying strength. He is probably a member of a powerful sect or clan.

Do you think the police will intervene in the conflicts between clans of martial arts?

For this matter, we have to depend on our family branch in the southwest.

The members of the Xu Clan in the southwest are all capable martial arts masters.

Let's wait for their arrival. As long as there are martial arts masters from our clan, that guy surely won't get away with it!"

said the old man angrily.

The young man from the Xu Clan who was still dizzy with the blow, did not dare to refute. He could only hold his face and be submissive.

After leaving the Xu Clan's villa, Austin went back to the hotel and began to meditate. He sat cross-legged in a state of cultivation.

"Here on the Earth, the rules of nature are incomplete. The spiritual energy here is exhausted, and it is an extremely difficult environment for warriors to cultivate.

It's a good thing that I have so many cultivation resources. But the real question is, can I gradually restore my former cultivation base through time and practice?"

Austin wondered.

Through the cultivation, Austin did not want to break through to the next realm, but instead he wanted to restore his most powerful state.

He had accumulated many cultivation resources over the years.

As a matter of fact, these resources were so abundant that it would never be used up in his lifetime.

Austin waved his hand, and thousands of high-level crystals immediately filled the room.

These energy crystals were extremely rare and was endowed with a trace of the space law.

It was so small that an ordinary drawer alone could hold at least tens of thousands of them.

Then, Austin began to absorb the energy of the crystals.

"I didn't expect that some martial arts clans still existed in this world.

However, no one knows how powerful these so-called martial arts clans are.

Well, let's start from the Xu Clan in the southwest and see,"

Austin murmured as he absorbed the energy of the immortal spirit stones.

In the southwest area of the country, in a bleak plateau, stood tall and steep mountain ranges.

One of the mountains was so elevated that clouds had blocked it all year round.

The view from the distance made people's hair stand on the end as


the middle-aged man in rough clothes stood up and said fervently.

"Yes, you're right!"

After hearing what the middle-aged man said, several high-level members of the Xu Clan applauded.


Even the master of the Xu Clan nodded with a proud smile on his face.

The Xu Clan in the southwest indeed had the support of the Heavenly Mountain Sect.

As far as they knew, the Heavenly Mountain Sect was one of the most powerful and terrible sects in the whole martial world.

"All right!

With the support of the Heavenly Mountain Sect, we, the Xu Clan in the southwest, really don't have to be afraid of any other martial arts clans or sects.

It is settled then. Set off immediately and deal with that brat.

Remember, do not kill him immediately. Catch him first, and bring him back after you beat him until he can't walk with his hind legs.

In that way, the forces behind that guy would come, and we can resolve this through a negotiation,"

the leader of the Xu Clan said sternly.

Then, a few powerful masters of the Xu Clan took a group of young disciples to set out for the provincial capital where Austin was.

"Get ready, you two. Let's head off to the Heavenly Mountain Sect.

The leader of the Heavenly Mountain Sect gave an order to all subsidiary forces and asked them to go to the Heavenly Mountain immediately. It was said that they had something important to discuss.

Over the past period of time, divine temples around the world had been continuously revived, and the world's environment had been constantly changing. I sense something mind-boggling is about to happen.

According to the supreme grandmaster of the Heavenly Mountain Sect, our martial world is very likely to usher in an unprecedented era!

Maybe the martial arts will be revive, and we will once again rule the world just like what we did during the ancient times,"

the leader of the Xu Clan said to the two elders.

"Yes, Master Skylar!"

the two elders exclaimed in excitement.

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