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   Chapter 3028 Where Are My Family Members

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Austin wandered aimlessly in the park, and soon encountered an old man in traditional style garments. He was practicing Tai Chi slowly and gracefully.

'What? This can't even be called a fist skill. It looks more like a physical fitness activity!'

Austin could not help but laugh as he thought about what the old man was doing.

In contemporary times, martial arts was nothing but empty frames and gestures. It was more ostentatious, rather than practical. Furthermore, it lacked the energy support of the ancient practice.

However, it had all its goods in the window, so many people were still attracted to learn it.

In the eyes of cultivators like Austin who could fly in the air and travel underground, practicing such fist skills was child's play.

However, he found something that caught him by surprise.


Austin then stared at the old man and paid attention to every move he made.

The actions of the old man carried no energy of any form and were simply bodily movements.

However, each posture flowed into the next with utmost sophistication. He hastened his movement at one second, but then slowed it down the next like a streaming body of water. His moves were accompanied by intense focus and heavy breathing.

Gradually, the old man seemed to enter a state where his spirit, mind, and energy were combined in the most harmonious way.

Of course, the old man didn't realize it himself, and failed to see the truth behind it because he had embraced the art form as a whole.

He was a Tai Chi enthusiast who had been practicing the same moves every day for decades.

As time went by, he had taken it to a certain level.

Of course his understanding of the art was relatively coarse upon closer inspection.

However, it was amazing enough for an old man without any cultivation base to display the fist skill like this.

This also reinforced the fact that the school of Tai Chi prevailing across the country was not as simple as it looked. It contained something that common people could not comprehend even if they could perform it.

'Just like the sea cannot be measured with a bushel, I have been taught a valuable lesson today. I never expected that there is such a mysterious principle coinciding with the practice of Tai Chi. It is truly remarkable!'

Austin realized as he watched the old man from a distance.

He had practiced the law of polarity before, and thus had a deep understanding of the principle of Yin and Yang.

'I need to find time to thoroughly study Tai Chi, '

Austin thought to himself while he marveled at its greatness with awe.

"Hey, there! You look like someone who is interested in Tai Chi, correct?"

As Austin was lost in his thoughts, the old man approached him and looked at him curiously. He did not notice that the man in the traditional style garments had already stopped practicing.

"Oh, yes." Austin stumbled to compose himself. "Your moves look amazing! I couldn't take my eyes off it!"

Austin took a step forward and bowed to the old man to show his respect.

They sat at a bench in the park and talked for a while. Aus

beautiful woman in a black suit came to the villa. She looked like the old man's assistant.

"Boss, I have an update regarding your request this afternoon," she reported respectively while she held a brown envelope in her hand.

"This document contains the whereabouts of all the old residents on the west side of the town."

Then she passed the thick brown envelope to the old man.

"Good job!" the old man praised her and immediately handed it to Austin.

Austin was too eager to read it that his palms got sweaty.

He opened the envelope without hesitation and ran through the papers carefully. Finally, Austin found a file with his family name.

Clement Lin, the name of his father, had moved back to the replacement building with his family, according to the document.

However, they only stayed there for a few years.

For some reason unknown, they moved out and were said to relocate to a small bungalow house in the western suburban area of the town.

"How about Clement and his wife? Are they in good health?"

Austin asked as his voice began to tremble.

"I'm sorry, but I have no idea. There's no news from them since they moved out of the replacement building. We learned all of these information from their old neighbor, but he said he hasn't heard from them since,"

the assistant replied apologetically.

Austin began to feel uneasy. All of a sudden, he stood up and bade goodbye to the old man. He did not plan to sit there and wait for another second. Instead, he wanted to go to the western suburb as soon as possible.

The old man was very kind, and even insisted his assistant to give Austin a ride.

However, Austin was too impatient to take a car since he knew that he could go there faster. He just wanted to see his parents without delay. Thus, he then turned down the old man's offer.

With Austin's strength, it only took him a few minutes to go to the western suburb.


Austin unleashed all of his physical strength and got out of the town in an instant. He rushed towards the western suburb in lightning speed.

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