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   Chapter 3027 Austin's Hometown

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Austin landed the Space Ship in a thick and dense forest. He intentionally chose an obscure place in order not to leave any trace and to avoid unwanted attention.

Then, he put away the Space Ship and stood still on a hill.

At that moment, Austin felt that he had truly arrived on the Earth, a feeling that he had yearned for a long time.

But as he stood on his native land, Austin had a strange and unexplainable feeling.

The Earth's law power seemed to be very peculiar that even with his high cultivation base in law and order, it was a bit difficult for him to fully grasp it.

In fact, although Austin had undergone the Regression that caused his strength to weaken significantly, his cultivation of law and order remained undamaged.

This was mainly because the cultivation of law and order largely depended on the understanding of heaven and earth. Moreover, it was deeply rooted in one's soul and could therefore not be removed.

Austin sat cross-legged on the hillside as he tried hard to comprehend the law power of the Earth.

"Hmm. I have a feeling that a very advanced law power used to operate here on Earth, but now that same power gives me a feeling of incompleteness.

It seems that a priceless piece of treasure has been broken, leaving only some of its debris.

My goodness. What kind of terrifying force could shatter the law power of the Earth into pieces?"

Austin murmured.

At the same time, he discovered that the spiritual energy on the surface of the Earth was extremely thin.

It was evident that the Earth's environment was not ideal for its creatures to cultivate efficiently.

After a while, Austin stood up.

"Well, it's time to go home,"

Austin said softly in a trembling voice while looking at the direction of his hometown.

Then, Austin took a step forward. His figure instantly turned into a flash of lightning as he rushed towards the thick forest.

Austin's vital energy was currently at the premium stage of Earth Realm, so he was not supposed to fly with vital energy as he normally did.

However, Austin's physical strength was still at par with a cultivator of the Emperor Realm. Thus, he could still fly freely in the sky, but only through his physical strength.


With his great physical strength and his Omnipotent Lightness skill, Austin'

ldings were erected around the area.

"Look at this place. Well, I hope everything is all right with my parents."

Austin headed for home, and felt both worried and excited.

He feared that he would not see his parents again after he worked so hard to come back. If they were gone, it would be really hard for him to accept it.

From a distance, he looked towards the direction of his former residence. However, he was surprised to see the vicinity had already been developed and changed.

"What? How did this happen?"

Austin was astonished to find that the blocks in the west of the city were all gone. Instead, a brand new, tall building stood in front of him.

Evidently, the old block had been restructured into commercial and industrial establishments.

When Austin finally arrived at his old home, he found that it had become a modern shopping mall!

"What? Now that everything has changed, where should I go to find my parents?"

Austin was perplexed as he stood still on the pavement.

It was early in the morning, so the people started to gather and walk around the city.

There were office workers, students, and vendors everywhere.

Many people came and went on with their own lives.

Austin started to walk aimlessly, and soon found himself at the gate of a park.

In the park, he saw many old people who were doing their morning exercise.

"Hmm. These old residents might be familiar with this city before its development. Maybe I can ask them a few questions."

Then, Austin willfully stepped into the park.

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