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   Chapter 3026 Shooting Star

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Austin checked the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, and discovered that its power had weakened significantly.

The eye's strength was evidently suppressed by the invisible law of nature.

But since it had become a part of Austin, it wasn't really hurt by the law.

"I guess the Earth is somewhere around here,"

Austin murmured as he studied the space around him.

He looked ahead the boundless, pitch black void.

"Oh my god. Wow! Am I dreaming?

How could it be possible?"

When Austin turned around, he noticed the Big Dipper Cluster and the Crape Myrtle Cluster miles away from him.

What he saw with his own eyes both surprised and puzzled him.

'I have traveled through dangerous places, and have even gone through two black spatial passages before I got here.

The Big Dipper is supposed to be far away from here. Why could I still see it?' he thought with a bewildered look on his face.

Austin stopped to ruminate over the constellation.

'It looks like the ancient divine gods had hidden the arrays and the most dangerous obstacles on the edge of the space.

But it is impossible to spot them.

Their location is so obscure that one may see the faraway space only through those restrictions.

Whenever outsiders would attempt to cross them, the restrictions and the treacherous booby traps would turn visible and capture them immediately.

Come to think of it, the space is like a clear lake.

People could see the bottom of the lake.

But if they plan to reach the benthic zone, or the bottom, they would have to bear the great pressure in the water, ' Austin mused.

"Well, it must be like that,"

Austin mumbled to himself.

Therefore, it was the same reason why human beings on the Earth could see the Big Dipper Cluster, the Crape Myrtle Cluster, and other distant star clusters.

However, it was impossible for them to head towards these star clusters.

There were many arrays and traps arbitrarily set up around space, which prevented creatures from leaving or entering this place.

"Well, looks like my next

n the planet.

Nevertheless, this made the Earth well-guarded and protected.

Luckily, Austin's current vital energy realm was at the premium stage of Earth Realm; thus, he was allowed to enter the Earth.

'If the old gods chose to abandon Earth, why did they have to make strong efforts in protecting the planet before leaving it?

Is it simply because the Earth is one of their birthplaces and they just wanted to safeguard their hometown?

Or is it because there is a valuable object on Earth that they wanted to preserve?'

Austin speculated.

At last, the Space Ship had entered the Earth's atmosphere.

Due to the arrays on the surface of the Earth, the Space Ship had become visible. As a result, its high speed produced a violent friction with the air, which slightly burned the vessel and produced sparks.

By then, it was a cold evening on Earth. The moon shone brightly, coupled with numerous lustrous stars in the sky.

"Look, a shooting star!"

"Wow! I have never seen such a beautiful shooting star in a long time!"

"We're so lucky to see a shooting star!" "Quick, close your eyes! If we wish upon the shooting star, it will be fulfilled!"

Many people on the Earth were ecstatic to see the Space Ship, which they had mistaken for a shooting star.

Austin looked down, and controlled the Space Ship to land on the vast mountain ranges.

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