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   Chapter 3025 Regression

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Austin was afraid of neither ghosts nor zombies since he could kill them in a heartbeat. It was safe to say that there were very few things in the world that could scare him.

But surprisingly, he felt a chill creep down his spine.

Feeling something was amiss, he activated the Omnipotent Lightness as he rushed forward at full speed.

Along the way, Austin couldn't shrug off the feeling that something was following him. A cold wind brushed past his neck from time to time.

At times, he had even felt a cold hand touch the nape of his neck gently, which made him shiver with fear.

Austin felt like there was something stuck behind his back, weighing him down. He couldn't get rid of this feeling for a long time. It was as if he was carrying a solid block of ice, heavy and cold.


A vicious laugh reached his ears.

"Damn it! This place must be haunted by ghosts!" Austin murmured under his breath.

Austin mustered up his courage and ran as fast as he could. At the same time, he opened the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor; he summoned the spiritual tree and spiritual dragon and made them float above his head like a shield for protection.

The little boy's power also emerged and cloaked Austin's body to shield him from any harm.

"Come on!"

Austin held his breath and exerted the Omnipotent Lightness to its full extent. As a result of this, he moved swiftly like a ghost and it was hard for people to follow his movement.

In spite of this, he still could not get rid of the weird feeling. He couldn't stop feeling like something was chasing him. This thought continued to plague his mind.

But he kept moving forward without resting even for a moment.

After travelling for two days straight, a faint light suddenly appeared at the end of the dark passage.

"Have I reached the exit?"

Austin said with a mix of excitement and anticipation.

He kept moving towards this light. With every step he took, the light became brighter and brighter.

There was no doubt in his mind that the exit was near.


Finally, Austin rushed out of the space crack and appeared in a space.

Behind him was a gigantic black hole.

It looked like a monster's mouth floating in the depths of the space.

"I got it. So the space where Earth is located is cut off from the outside universe, just like the Immortal End World used to be,"

Austin rationalized.

Having traveled to the edges of the universe, he had been to many places and seen many thing

Regression is focused only on dealing with cultivators' vital energy realm.

Then it moves on to weaken the cultivators' physical strength.

I was fortunate to possess those magic treasures and techniques. That's why I managed to retain the physical strength,"

Austin speculated as he realized he had been lucky.

Then he moved on to check his spiritual sense and spiritual soul.

His spiritual sense had not weakened.

However, most of his spiritual sense could only stay in his Soul Sea, which meant he could only use a small part of it to examine the surrounding or attack enemies.

Austin attempted to release his spiritual sense.

As a result, lots of Divine Ruling Chains burst out to hit his spiritual sense and turned it into nothingness.

After many attempts, Austin realized that nothing would happen as long as he released the same amount of spiritual sense that the Mysterious Realm cultivator possessed.

Meanwhile, Austin found that the spiritual dragon and the spiritual tree had not been affected.

But he could not summon them to a battle.

If they left his Soul Sea, they would be smashed by the Divine Ruling Chains.

"The situation is not as bad as I'd thought. At least, no living creature in this place can harm my spiritual soul!"

After examining his own body over and over again, Austin felt much calmer.

'Even though my vital energy realm has fallen to the premium stage of Earth Realm, I can protect myself with my remaining physical strength and spiritual sense.

So this way, no matter what happens here, I will not die.

The most important thing is to make it out of here alive, ' he comforted himself.

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