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   Chapter 3018 A Young And Wet Pup (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5650

Updated: 2020-05-15 04:57

"Come on, old man, stop bragging. Our respected allies and guests are just slightly weaker than the ancient divine gods.

Even if your damn guests all come here, they are going to be no match for ours,"

the old man in a purple robe declared with much conviction.

He had already seen what his guests were capable of, and he was impressed by their power, strength and fighting skills.

In his eyes, the earth immortals were beings that could be on par with ancient divine gods.

After all, it was all reasonable. The purple-robed elders had just reached the medium stage of Genuine Immortal Realm.

He was in great awe of his guests who were at the Earth Immortal Realm who seemed invincible to him.

"What fuck did you say? Did you say Mr. Lin? That son of a bitch! How is this possible..."

Hearing this, the members from the powerful forces narrowed their eyes into slits, with a brooding expression on their faces.

"What the fuck! Don't tell me that it's the same arrogant thief, Austin Lin?"

an earth immortal of the underworld blurted out as he let his curiosity get the best of him.

As soon as he stopped speaking, a heavy booming laughter resounded from the distance.

"Yeah, it's me, you sons of whores.

What a coincidence! We meet again, guys! Are you happy to see me?"

A figure came forward from afar then stopped in front of everyone in an instant.

"Austin! I knew it was you!" the earth immortal from the underworld exclaimed alertly.

At the sight of him, the members from the powerful forces felt their hair stand on end. 'Oh, shit! Why do we have to meet this guy again?' they cursed in their minds, out of frustration.

"Mr. Lin!"


He rushed towards the purple-robed elder, wielding a black sickle in his hand. He waved it towards the chains that had wrapped themselves around the elder.

But before he could break them, more Divine Ruling Chains that emitted golden lights came down and shot at him.

Austin just obtained a deeper understanding of the laws of nature and reached the ultimate realm. He knew that the master at the Earth Immortal Realm was no match for him.

Appalled at the counteraction, the earth immortal tried his best to retreat to avoid the chains.

Left on his own and with no one else daring to try and help him, the old man in purple was dragged forward by the Divine Ruling Chains towards Austin until he just hung suspended in the air in front of him.

"What do you think now? Do you still think I'm a young, wet pup?"

Austin looked at the old man in purple robe who had become paralyzed and speechless from fear.

On the other hand, the two senior emissaries from the Big Dipper Cluster were shocked and awed. They trembled with excitement with what they had witnessed, their hands clasped together in delight.

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