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   Chapter 3017 A Young And Wet Pup (Part One)

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"What? Are the people from the Crape Myrtle Cluster very powerful?"

Austin asked with much curiosity.

'The two senior emissaries are at the medium stage of Genuine Immortal Realm. But they were wounded so badly in such a short time and without much effort, ' he thought to himself.

"The strength of the Crape Myrtle Cluster is somehow known to be on par with our Big Dipper Cluster.

We have fought countless times over cultivation resources. Sometimes we would win and sometimes we would lose.

But this time, it seems that they have invited many extremely powerful people to help them. They have already injured our senior emissaries badly with only a few moves,"

the scout replied.

"I see. Okay, I'll have to go and have a look myself,"

Austin said.

After a short while, the scout took Austin and his companions to a spot near the Big Dipper.

They hadn't completely approached their targeted spot when they heard a triumphant laugh resounding in the distance.

"Have you thought this through and made up your mind, you pathetic old bastards? We don't have all day here. Here's the thing. We will take all your cultivation resources from you, in exchange for your lives.

That is, if you still want to live, you shall surrender all the cultivation resources in your cluster to us.

If you don't cooperate and do as we ask, then you're all as good as dead. You are quite fortunate that we are in the mood to let you consider. In the past we would just take whatever we want without any discussion.

Moreover, our army will be stationed here. We can and we will kill anyone from this cluster who has problem with the decision we made and tries to rebel," the voice said arrogantly.

"Humph! You can invade our cluste

re covered in blood, their faces were pale, and they looked weak. Try as they might, they were unable to mask their vulnerability at that moment.

"There is also a Gods' Hometown in your cluster. Is that true?

Tell me more about that place,"

the earth immortal from the underworld ordered the two injured elders in a superior, condescending tone.

He was a master at the Earth Immortal Realm, while the two old men were merely genuine immortals. In his eyes, they were nothing but losers who did not deserve an ounce respect. He could pulverize them right then and there, but decided not to. He still needed them to direct him to the places that he was seeking.

"Humph! Don't let your overconfidence linger.

We also have a few honored and distinguished guests who happen to be some of the strongest in the universe.

When Mr. Lin and his friends get here, you will be finished. Consider yourselves gone and out of here!"

warned one of the senior emissaries from the Big Dipper Cluster as he huffed.

Hearing what the senior emissary just said, the purpled-robed elder from the Crape Myrtle Cluster was amused and burst out into a fit laughter.

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