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   Chapter 3016 Another Great Progress

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Austin left the library and found the two old men garbed in white clothes.

He asked them for access to a secret room so he could cultivate in seclusion.

His request was granted, and before going into the room, he bestowed upon the two men some precious materials and advanced medicinal elixirs.

The men were overwhelmed by his generosity, and gave him their profuse gratitude, mentioning more than once how Austin was their savior.

They have been gaining a lot from the materials and elixirs that Austin had been handing out in the past few days.

Not only did it stabilize their previously erratic foundation of their vital energy, but also stabilized the quality of their vital energy itself.

At the back of their minds, they were anticipating to come to a breakthrough soon.

Upon learning that Austin was to cultivate in seclusion, they promptly sent a large group of people to tighten the defenses around his chamber.

They set up their protocols and placed the room under alert level one, and no one was allowed to even approach it.

Now they were totally treating Austin as one of their own.

This being the case, they made sure that his companions were also looked after, and provided them with luxurious palaces to recuperate in.

Meanwhile, alone in his secret room, Austin was sitting cross-legged on the cold, hard floor.

He proceeded to his journey to comprehending the General Scripture of Chaos.

All over the three thousand big and small worlds, every existing world and cosmos had their own natural laws and order of things.

As the saying went, there were three thousand different laws and order, and each set of system had its own merit.

Most cultivators usually start with understanding the principles that bound their own cosmos before trying to master those of other worlds.

As such, the laws that Austin had cultivated in the past were naturally the ones of the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

To his dismay, he discovered that once he was on a different universe, his cultivation of law power from the Fallen Immortal Cosmos was unable to play its corresponding power.

This was because different laws repelled each other.

The exception to this restriction was the masters of the Divine Realm.

They were able to break away from the limits of a single universe, and traveled across multiple universes to learn to cultivate the varying laws.

That was what made the law and order cultivation base of the Divine Realm masters unfathomable.

By those rights, this also made these cultivators difficult to approach.

Austin concentrated on the task at hand.

The General Scripture of chaos held a detailed description of the laws of each universe existing in the three thousand big and small worlds.

Furthermore, it explained the history of these laws, how they came to be, and why.

It all pointed back to the most original energy essence of the ultimate natural laws.

So when a cultivator began to understand the General Scripture of Chaos, he was naturally affording himself the knowledge of the natural laws of the three thousand big and small world


"Greetings, Mr. Lin!" This time it was the two old men in white robes, who also hurried over when they heard Austin had emerged from his seclusion. "It appears that you have mastered many achievements in the past couple of years. Congratulations!"

Having made a breakthrough themselves, their joy at seeing Austin was greater than most, and it showed in the wide grins they were wearing in their wrinkled faces.

"Thank you for all your help." Austin gave them a tiny bow.

"But I believe that you two have made quite remarkable accomplishments yourselves.

Congratulations for your breakthrough, both of you!"

"You are most gracious to say so! It was all thanks to the treasures you gave us, otherwise things wouldn't have been so easy for us.

We probably wouldn't have been able to manage any breakthrough for the rest of our lives!"

Suddenly, there was a clamor at the end of the hall, and someone was running frantically towards them.

"Masters! The army of Crape Myrtle Cluster has robbed us of a large amount of cultivation materials again!"

The man was panting heavily as he reported. "We lost dozens of god's emissaries in the scuffle that ensued to retrieve it!

Please uphold justice and revenge for our fallen men, my masters!"

The old men were shaking with anger at what they heard. "They've done it again. Those bastards really know no shame!"

They turned to Austin and the rest of their guests. "Mr. Lin, please excuse us for now. Go ahead and take some rest. We need to deal with this emergency as soon as possible."

Before Austin could reply, the old men had already rushed out in a visible hurry.

Only moments later, however, with Austin and his men still milling about in the hall, a servant stormed in again.

"Mr. Lin!" The servant was running and crying, and he fell on his knees in front of Austin.

"Mr. Lin, please help us! Our senior emissaries were badly injured!

I was secretly ordered back to ask for your aid! Please help us!"

The servant touched his head to the ground, and waited for Austin's reply.

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