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   Chapter 3014 The Earth Is An Old Secret

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As they stepped into the temple, Austin took his companions to worship the divine status.

After all, as a former resident dwelling on the Earth, he had seen many temples enshrine and worship the Big Dipper Immortals.

They were considered as the seven legendary divine gods. It was just right that they worshiped them and gave them reverence.

The faces of the two old men in white robes eased a lot when they saw Austin and his companions kneel down in front of the seven divine statues.

After giving adoration towards the deities, Austin quietly and gently released his spiritual sense to fully perceive the seven statues.

He then found that there seemed to be nothing special about them, only statues carved with rare and precious stones.

Austin frowned. He did not feel any sort of energy emanating from them.

'Huh? That's strange. I saw thick energy shooting out from the Megrez before. Was it not from these seven statues?'

Austin contemplated.

He glazed his eyes upon the statues more carefully, searching for some clues that he might have missed.

Among the civilians of the Brilliant Kingdom on the Earth where Austin came from, the Big Dipper Immortals were the seven constants that represented each star, forming the constellation, namely Alkaid, Mizar-Alcor, Alioth, Megrez, Phecda, Merak, and Dubhe.

They were all the legendary divine gods.


As epiphany washed over him, Austin widened his eyes.

Using his spiritual sense, he learned that there was an eerie aura emerging at the bottom of the shrine.

'Is the thick energy column coming from the underground here?' Austin furrowed his brows.

Then, he used his spiritual sense to explore the underground.

Upon reaching thousands of meters deep in the ground through his spiritual sense, he found an area that dazzled infinitely.

He even saw a piece of jade seal emitting great power!

The jade seal seemed to be in a primitive form. Brilliant runes came up and floated around it.

There was also plenty of mysterious fog encapsulating it, making it hard for him to fully view the jade seal. It kept emerging and vanishing from his view.

Austin focused his spiritual sense further. He even opened the Eye of

exist, no enemy from the outside would dare to go into the Big Dipper!

Therefore, these statues are highly respected in the hearts of billions of creatures."

The two old men in white robes were hailed as the most powerful, senior emissaries in their generation.

Deep inside, Austin knew that it wasn't the seven statues that had protected them all this time, but the jade seal at the bottom of the shrine!

And, as it turned out, the jade seal had its own consciousness.

Maybe it was the spiritual sense left by the divine gods of the ancient times, or the consciousness the jade seal developed itself after living for so long.

Then, Austin heard a piece of shocking news from the old men.

That was a piece of news about the Earth!

Austin asked, trying to downplay his enthusiasm, "Sirs, what do you know about a planet called the Earth?"

Taken aback, the old men inquired, "Young man, you even know the Earth? How do you know about it? Its existence involves an old secret!"

They bombarded Austin with questions and statements, both looking at him with anticipation.

"I just heard it accidentally from somewhere.

Sirs, is it related to an ancient secret?"

Austin's heart skipped a beat but he tried his best not to let it show. He immediately begged for more information.

"Of course!

Anything that involves the Earth contains a remarkable mystery,"

one of the old men said solemnly as he took a deep breath, looking at the far distance.

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