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   Chapter 3005 Are You Regretting Now

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"Humph! You are inviting death to your doorsteps!

Austin, how dare you lay your hands on a member of our Huangfu Clan? I will make sure you pay a heavy price for this mistake!"

the young man clad in yellow clothes thundered, his face contorted in rage.

Austin burst into sarcastic laughter.

"Yes, I did that, so what? You think you and your clan members are better than others?

You know what? Many of my victims have belonged to a number of top forces. If you don't believe me, you should just ask these people," Austin retorted with a shrug of his shoulder.

He was telling the truth. Many core members of major forces like Prince Ervin and Prince Pierre from the underworld and even Abraham from the Mu Clan had died brutally at his hands.

Moreover, Darby, a young talent of the Tomber race from the Ghostdom had become a loyal slave who would do anything for Austin.

Therefore, it didn't come as a matter of surprise that Austin didn't think it was a big deal to finish off a member of this so-called Huangfu Clan.

"This Austin guy is telling the truth. He is fearless and not afraid to face death. He has made it a habit to kill the core, talented disciples of those major forces brutally.

It is a shame that we have lost so many excellent budding talents in the universes to his merciless hands!"

"Austin is indeed a ruthless monster. He doesn't really have a heart at all.

Damn it! He seems to be infamous for murdering the disciples of the powerful forces!"

Many participants, who were watching this scene unfold, whispered to each other. They had to grudgingly accepted Austin's prowess.

'I have to admit that Austin indeed possesses an exceptional talent. To be honest, I think a part of me even admires him.'

The admiration that they had tried to hide in their thoughts was evident on some of their faces.

"You son of a bitch!

From now on, you will be the number one enemy of our Huangfu Clan, and we will hunt you down like the beast that you are.

Your family members will also end up facing the same fate.

The creatures in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, the place of your birth, will face the wrath of our clan.

I, Gerald Huangfu, swear that as soon as I am finished here and am back home, I will send troops to invade the Fallen Immortal Cosmos!" the man in yellow declared angrily.

He released a formidable energy that swirled around him to show his anger.

The Huangfu Clan was a powerful force and one of its members was at the Divine Realm, while Fallen Immortal Cosmos was weak in comparison.

It would not be wrong to say that the Huangfu Clan was powerful enough to destroy the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

"Humph! In that case, I will not let you make it out of here,"

Austin said in a cold voice, but his eyes were raging.

The first successor of the Divine Sect laughed wildly, as if possessed.

"I don't think you will have the chance to send your army to annihilate the Fallen Immortal Cosmos, Mr. Huangfu.

Before we entered the passage, we and the three mighty forces had decided to send a joint

was charging directly at his target.

"Ah! Help..."

The young man of the Mu Clan was frightened out of his wits at the sight of Austin's abnormal momentum.

"You brat, don't be so obnoxious!" shouted an earth immortal of the Mu Clan.

He was so close to the terrified young man, he could see the sweat drip down his forehead.

Realizing that his clan member was in danger, the earth immortal delivered a punch at Austin's giant hand.

A white tiger charged out of the earth immortal's fist. It threw its head back and roared thunderously. Its voice was so overpowering, it shook the entire space.

However, Austin's hand crushed that white tiger into a million pieces in a heartbeat.

After that, Austin seized the young man of the Mu Clan with his gigantic hand and strangled him slowly.

Austin could easily defeat masters at the Earth Immortal Realm relying solely on his physical strength.

After all, he had ingested about two thousand internal cores of the monster.

An ordinary earth immortal was no a match for him.

"What did you just say? That I shouldn't have messed with you, isn't it?

So, do you still think I am a 'nobody'? And that you can do whatever you want to me?

Are you regretting insulting me and my families?"

Austin raised the young man of the Mu Clan and stared at his face with a murderous look in his eyes.

"Austin, you bastard! You... Release me now..."

That young man wriggling in the clutches of Austin's giant hand was scared to death as his heart began to race faster. Despite that, he pretended to be tough.

All of a sudden, a loud noise attracted the attention of all the people.

A foul liquid began to flow down from the young man's pants.

He had pissed in his pants.

"You know what? Today, I will let you know one thing for sure! No one can mess with me.

Today, I will kill all of you!" Austin said maliciously.

Austin's ego had been hurt badly by these members of the powerful forces. He was enraged like never before. If he didn't do something, he would go crazy.

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