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   Chapter 3004 The Yellow Cosmos (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5836

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"Well, sir, maybe you are just being too cautious.

How could the spiritual aura of the gods be left in such a backward universe and remain here for very long periods?

Even if there is a strand of spiritual aura of the gods somewhere in this universe, tremendous cosmic energy is still needed for its preservation in the long run."

Some young cultivators were doubtful of the old man's words and challenged him. They countered his argument, bursting into relaxed laughter. They thought that the old man had become too cautious and prudent because of his old age. They were not impressed by the wisdom of his words.

"All right, we should not waste time here talking nonsense. Let's go and explore this universe first.

It looks quite large and there may be a huge amount of treasures waiting for us!

But do not do it in haste. We should take our time and explore it carefully."

Soon, some cultivators departed and began their adventures in the Yellow Cosmos. They used their bodily movement skills and disappeared immediately.

At that moment, however, something burst from out of nowhere.

"Austin, you fucking little thief! Why do you run? Come back here for your punishment! You must not live a second longer for all the atrocities that you have committed!"

A booming voice full of fury rang out in the starry sky.

All the cultivators who were still present turned to look at Austin after they heard the voice.

"Wow, it seems like there will be a good show! We'd better stay for this one."

Many cultivators flashed a playful smile on their faces.

At that time, Austin was his true self and did not feel the need to disguise himself.

He had no reason to. With his current strength and skills, and compared to

mark of a Divine Realm cultivator dashed out from the Huangfu boy, chasing after the siblings all the way. He was determined to kill them.

Fortunately, the spiritual soul energy of any Divine Realm cultivator was not allowed to exist along the path of the trial. Needless to say, the spiritual soul mark was wiped out directly.

Now the young man's words reminded Austin of everything that had happened.

"The young man in yellow that you are talking to is the eldest young master of the Huangfu Clan.

The bastard you killed during the first trial was his younger brother.

Their father is the current patriarch of the Huangfu Clan, a Divine Realm master.

I am sorry. This happened all because of us."

Through her spiritual sense, Suzie apologized to Austin and also filled him in some of the details.

"I understand. You are talking about that bullshit Huangfu guy. He was so shameless that he tried to molest an innocent girl, so I had every reason to kick his ass without mercy. I feel no remorse for having killed him. That bastard deserved it."

Austin raised his head up to look at the young man in yellow, a mocking smile on his face.

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